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Bornholm bicycle trip – Day 1

Sunday morning, 7/24/2016 we sailed on Bornholm ferry from Sassnitz.

Yesterday we spent very active Saturday, we saw a few interesting places on Rügen island including the submarine HMS Otus, abandoned resort Prora and the house built on a pier in Sellin. After such an active day we stopped for the night we stopped in a parking lot close to the sea, nearby Sassnitz harbor. For a price of EUR 5 we could spend the night among the campers. Although we do not have a camper, we wanted to check if our new car is suitable for sleeping. It’s such an attempt before trip to the cooler area. Yes, yes, he still we dream of a trip to Scandinavia. Our car passed exam. We slept inside in 3 people together with 3 bicycles, trailer and bike panniers. And it was even comfortable night.


In the morning we woke up shortly after sunrise. This day we began on seashore where we took a morning bath. We were surprised a bit that people in the area bathed naked. We didn’t see any signs that shows a nudist beach here. On the previous day we also saw such a phenomenon a little further south, on the beach at an abandoned resort Prora.

After the bath and a bit of fun in the water we ate breakfast. Then we went for the last time to the shop in Sassnitz. Next we drove to leave the car in the long-term parking next to the passenger terminal. Here a small note, if you plan to buy food it’s better to do it before the ferry crossing in Germany, because in Denmark, the prices will be higher. Long-term parking is a nice option for a longer trip to Bornholm. For the price of EUR 12 we can leave the car at a safe parking up to 30 days. Although it is not truly secured parking it has an electric gate. The access to vehicles is limited.

Ferry to Bornholm

We left the parking lot and continue our journey using bicycles only. First, we had to drive to the terminal for cars, because that way bicycles were accessing ferry. We had tickets bought online. At the gate we showed them to the cashier and we passed inside the harbor area. We stopped among the other bikes and were waiting for permission to enter ferry. First, however, vehicles that arrived needed to go away of ferry.

One moment later service port given permission to enter and we rode aboard the ferry. We left bicycles next to the wall and with handy backpack went to the upper deck. Service man informed us that the weather is nice, there’s no wind and the water is like on the lake. That meant one thing – the cruise will be enjoyable.

We walked all floors of ferry to watch what’s on the ferry. Cruise lasted 3.5 hours. It was a good time for it to rest, or even sunbathe in the sun. After some time, kids were hungry, and we forgot to bring food on the way (it was at the bikes). Unfortunately, during the cruise access to the car park is prohibited. We had no other option than buy chips at one of the restaurants. At the checkout there was a ridiculous situation. When packing in the home we took the crowns, who were waiting for our trip since the previous visit in Denmark. But, we didn’t pay the closest attention to the fact that among them mixed up the Norwegian crowns, which we had from visit to Oslo. And that was different currencies 🙂

After the meal time came the time for tomfoolery, some pictures and after a while view of Bornholm appears over the horizon. We reached Rønne city. Leaving the ferry went extremely quickly. This time cars had to wait for their turn and bicycles were released first.

Bornholm island

We arrived to Bornholm relatively late, about 17:30. We left the streets of Rønne and the first look at cycling routes caused a smile on our faces. It is true – the words that Bornholm is designed for bicycles. Along all streets (and even on the roundabouts) was dedicated lane for bicycles. So we could safely move with kids and with a trailer.

We chose the cycling road leading towards Nykars town. There is one of the historic round churches, which are characteristic in Bornholm. Reaching the place we had a chance to watch it from the outside. It is interesting that at the top of the church were holes to shoot to the enemy, and when enemy was already close it was used to pour a hot tar from there. As you can see these churches formerly were a small fortresses too.

From Nykars we went westward to reach the first campsite in Hasle. On the first day we rode about 14.85 km route.

Bicycle path, which we drove was led in complete isolation from car traffic. We drove the bicycle route prepared in the old narrow-gauge railway. Tracks has been removed and in their place asphalt is laying. Nearby the road grew a huge rhubarbs. Those rhubarbs were extremely huge! Bicycle road was protected at the intersections with streets by barriers. We drove through the city, and next the fields. From the Nykars village we drove partially on the street, to reduce a little bit the journey.

Bornholm with kids

On the way we noticed the first roadside shop / stall. This small trading point has served vegetables from the garden of residents. You could buy potatoes, pumpkin or leek. For the goods we pay by leaving the money in the case. Kids couldn’t believe it is possible. We don’t have anything like that in Poland. In our country people would immediately stole or destroy it. You see, here personal culture is at a much higher level.


About 7 PM we arrived to the campsite. We chose accommodation in Hasle Familiecamping. This campsite was with a swimming pool, but we arrived too late to use it. We pitched a tent and made dinner. Kids finally had a chance to play on the Danish playground. Children were waiting for this moment since the departure of the house. They remembered same inflatable trampolines as we found here from our previous visit in Denmark.

We called mom, took evening toilet and we went to sleep. The next day we waited for another active day on bicycles.

And here’s a video of the first day of our adventure on the island of Bornholm: