Trips With Kids

Buczyniec ramp

For the night we stayed near Buczyniec Ramp. There’s a brand new campsite, which was founded during the revitalization process of the object within the EU grant. Reconstruction took place in the years 2011 – 2015. We hit there soon after the renovation. The ramp was opened in May 2015 after two-year break.


The ramp Buczyniec is one of five slipways – the machinery that allows to overcome ships through large ground level difference in Elblag Canal. In Buczyniec vertical rise is 20,62m. Vessels enter a special cart on one side and in basket machine moves it along the tracks. As it moves the structure is displaced water and the ship is in the air. On the other side of the ramp when the basket falls below the water level ship itself begins to flow.


Crossing the ramp are open during the day, so we needed to wait till next morning to watch this process. On the evening we only went for short walk to watch whole area.


At the campsite we were alone. There was only one lady who looked after the camping in a caravan. The best was that the whole campsite was available for free. Therefore was no great comfort, there was only mobile toilet, no hot water. Camping was very nice, with beautiful hedges between alleys prepared for tents. There are also shelters, playground and fireplace. The only missing thing is access to the lake or river. The river, where the ships sail is not suitable for swimming.

In the morning next day we had super surprise. There came storks to campsite and was coming up very close.


Apparently, when the maintenance period of the EU project will be ended campsite will be leased. Then they will start charging for use of the fields and then most likely there will be a building toilets and maybe some other amenities.

One disadvantage of this place is that there is a lot of horse flies flying around the ramp. The children had a great opportunity to get to know this creature. They learned a “snap him”, when it begins to bite.

In the morning we packed up the car and went to see the crossing. Suddenly there came a lady dressed like a sailor who greeted us. She had a walkie-talkie in her hand and handed out business cards in case we wanted to use the services of the ship. You can see that crossing the ramp is held with the support from the mainland.


We have seen crossing of two ships. Both overcame ramp at same time. While one basket pulls down at the same time it approaches the second at top.

It was nice to be able to see the “flying boats”. I think even better view is from the shore than the ship. Conclusion – if you want to see only crossing of ships on the ramp – it makes no sense to buy a ticket for a cruise.