Trips With Kids

East Jutland

On 5th day of our summer road trip around Denmark we have started our day with great time spent together with kids on playground in Skagen Camping. Kids want to spent every minute having fun. After breakfast we hit the road and drove north to Cape Grenen – incredible nature wonder where two seas can meet each other and don’t mix a water. Fighting of waves is amazing view.


Morning was very sunny so our walk through the beach (about 2 km long) went well. On return way we took special red tractors to get back to parking. Few minutes later when we were in car driving south it began to rain.


That was a reason we needed to change our plans. We wanted to see old district of Aarhus – Den Gamle By. There is shown how people were living in past ages. Because of rain we needed to schedule that visit for future.

We found alternative thing to do. We found Ikea store in suburb of Aarhus. That how we combined waiting for the sun with eating of dinner. Meals are same as in Poland. Prices are definitely lower than in other restaurants.

Weather changed that day very fast. Once it was sunny, then rain, then sun comes again.

The highest point of Denmark – Ejer Bavnehøj


We went out of highway to explore highest point of Denmark. It is called Ejer Bavnehøj. It is highest natural hill of whole country. Later we have discovered that in general it is not, because it is third, but this one was easiest to access. There is 13 meters high tower build in 1924. You can go to the top by internal stairs and enjoy beautiful view from there. People used this place in the past to watch for the enemy.
Two other points that are higher than this one are located in the forest and in the center of farm. This one is chose as more representative.

Ejer Bavnehoj

We drove more to the south and turned nearby Frederica to the Trelde Næs peninsula. There was located our next camping. Kids chose the one with open-air pool area. Having experiences from Skagen where we had a cold water because of sunset we decided to go swimming next day morning.

MyCamp Trelde Naes Camping

The camping we chose is named MyCamp Trelde Naes. It is located on the top of peninsula. On the edges there was a cliff with stairs that allows to go down to the sea shore. There was a lot of seaweed in the water so swimming in the sea was not recommended here. Another reason that swimming is not a good idea was that in the water there was a lot of crabs.

There was a bridge where family from Germany was hunting for crabs. It was very interesting to look at that. We can’t see anything like this in Poland, because we don’t have crabs in our sea.

Trelde Naes

Next we were enjoying playground until sunset. When it got dark we went to the bathroom and we went to sleep to our tent.

Take a look at this day on our video: