Trips With Kids

Fort Va Poznań

We went with the children to visit one of the buildings Fortress Poznan. Particular object was a fort Va “Zwischenwerk Bonin” located at Lechicka Street. It is one of 18 forts surrounding the Poznan city, built by the Prussian army in the years 1887-1890.
In April of 2016 there was organized festival for opening tourist season and we could be guided through the area of fortification. This object is under care of members of the Association of Fortification Lovers “Kernwerk” who put a lot of work to bring the fort to the current state.

At the gate we bought tickets. Affordable prices – adult PLN 8, and the child PLN 6. Between May and September every weekend you can take part in a similar trip like we did.

We started our visit at the gate, where we were able to look at the drawbridge, which was reconstructed on the model of the existing here in its heyday. Tour participants could raise and left the bridge themselves using a chains. It was spectacular.
Next, we went to the exhibition room to look at some found equipments. Then guide told us about the latrines and then we went to the powder magazine.
In each of the places we learned about the history associated with the fort, about destiny of each room. A moment later we were on the stairs that led us to the fire station and artillery. You could get from there to the courtyard. We also visited the barracks and shooting points.
An interesting experience was the poterne passage, which is an underground passage connecting the buildings of the fort. This passage was the way for soldiers to reach firing positions located on the other side of the moat.

Interesting fact, the moat is currently not in the original depth. In time when surrounding settlements was in construction excess of sand was thrown into the moat instead of being exported.

Tour took about an hour. We recommend to go on a similar trip with the family.