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Cape Grenen – where two seas are fighting with each other

The northernmost tip of Denmark, the place where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea and creates dangerous whirlpools. Around the sandy beaches and bunkers. Welcome to Cape Grenen.


Two seas fight

Two seas (North and Baltic) meet but do not mix. Constantly fighting with each other. Water has different density here that’s why it is not mixing. Thanks to that we have a great show of fighting waves. The line connecting both the sea is like a branch of a tree, hence the name (gren – in Danish it means branch).


That’s the place we decided to visit early in the morning. That’s popular destination where tourists are coming to see waves fight and to stand for a while in this magical area.

It looks like a worship. If there would be some extra theory of healing tourists would be several times more. This is obviously a joke. Well, thankfully nobody came up with it, because the place would lose its charm.


You can go to the cape by foot (barefoot recommended) taking 2 km long walk or take beach bus. We walked there on foot and came back reaching out the red tractor to make children happy (additional attraction). Tractors are riding between the cape and parking lot every half an hour.

It is worth to see this place!

On our movie, refer to watch 2:00 to 2:45. Enjoy: