Trips With Kids

HMS Otus – the submarine in Sassnitz

We’ve never had a chance to visit the submarine so visiting this place was the most important task to do that day.

HMS Otus is a British submarine. The ship sailed on the sea from 1962 to 1990. It ended service in the port of Portsmouth. Later, it was bought by a German businessman who moored it in the port of Sassnitz and released as a museum.

We visited the ship almost alone! Without a guide! It was a mega experience to be able to explore all the rooms and stuff that are inside. At the checkout we received a leaflet with the plan of the ship, then we got a bridge to the hull of which we could go inside.

Walking was a little mysterious and tried to show this in the film:

We started our visit in the torpedo room. Kris was curious if there will be torpedoes. Next we went to bedroom room, crew quarters, then we went through the facilities of radio stations, captain’s bridge, sonars, kitchen, toilet, dining room and even a room with a motor.

It was great that in the middle of the boat all the equipment survived. Most of them we could touch. We tried to use the periscope, that the children knew so far from the fairy tale “The Penguins of Madagascar.” The boat was able to take on board 68 people. Walking through the rooms could imagine how they swam to depths locked up in these small spaces for many months. During the tour from speakers we could hear sounds from the movie “Das Boot” referring to the heyday of the boat. Thus, for example we could hear announced alarm sound. Agatha thought for a moment that the alarm is actually real.

Individual rooms are separated by characteristic round hatches through which you must pass bending down.

Submarine HMS Otus took no active part in the fighting. The most interesting information what we read about was that on board attempted do make deep escape by reaching a very low level of immersion. Two divers managed to swim out from a depth of 183 meters. So far, the record has not been broken.

The submarine is docked at the port next to the car park and a footbridge. Admission is ticketed.

Is it worth it? We’d liked it so much that we couldn’t go away 🙂
A total tour took us almost two hours.