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Museum of Unusual Bicycles

We found out information about this museum while reading blog. We’ve read their post about visit in this place. They were discovering eastern Poland in 2010. We wanted to get same experiences.

In the tiny village Gołąb (the pigeon) which is located between Pulawy and Dęblin you can find a private museum of Mr. Joseph Constantine Majewski. This is an unique Museum of Unusual Bicycles.


Unusual Bicycle Museum is a place definitely positively twisted. The owner of this place is a real enthusiast, who, as he spoke, half of his lifetime spent cycling. Now, he is retired and shares his passion with others, leading private museum.

Visiting “museum” is quite unusual. On the private farm yard are placed benches, where guests are invited to sit and in front of them is a utility room, from where Mr. Joseph pulls one bicycle after another. Each one is more interesting than previous. Don’t worry, you will not sit all the time. About this – in a moment.

Our adventure in the museum began with a brief introduction of the history of bicycles. And here we need to mention that as far as everyone knows bicycles as a vehicle – we assume that probably no one know its history so deep. So you can get some interesting knowledge at the start.


Next starts more interesting part of the visit – presentation of collected bikes. When Mr. Joseph pulls the bicycle out of the garage he starts with telling some story about how he created this bicycle, what is the principle of its operation, then makes a showing ride to present how it goes on. And here comes the most interesting part – everyone has a chance to ride on an unusual bike. On each bicycle! Children curiously peered through the open door to discover what treasures are hidden there, and each pulled bike admired something new and different, unusual.

Mr. Joseph sets are impressive. We can watch and ride on bicycles that have been extensively used by Mr. Joseph during holiday trips, as well as those that were experimental construction. There are those that were used at the work, and even in the film. Some of them are funny, some surprising – each of them unique and unusual.

Mr. Joseph began collecting bikes in the 80s of the last century when he was a teacher in a technical school. His disciples was building bicycles on lessons. Mr. Joseph in his collection has more than 60 exhibits. We saw, among others: city bike, folding bike, bike used to the carriage of milk cans, bicycle with handlebars at the back, recumbent bicycle, galloping bicycle, tandem bike, jumping bike without a frame, and ending on the bike “spaceship”.


Mr. Joseph gave his heart to this museum. We felt that at every moment. He is trying to interest everyone who visits the museum. Each guest is asked for name, his interests, where he came from. He is extremely open and willing to talk person. During the presentation he is telling us story of his life. As an excellent teacher can interest both adults and children. Thanks to him everyone had the opportunity to try ride on unusual bikes without any fear.


In summary: great place for both adults and children. Mr. Joseph strongly encouraged the children to have come to him with their classes. In our case, however, it will be difficult, because we are living too far away to make school trip there.


You should allocate a lot of time to spend here, our “tour” took about 3 hours. The museum is open between April 1 and October 31, every day of the week from 10 AM to 6 PM. Before arrival it is good to make phone call to tap into a larger group – in that way you will not lose any part of the show.

If you are english speaking – you should come this museum with translator. Unfortunately Mr Joseph’s show is in polish only.