Trips With Kids

Narew National Park

We drove to the campsite in Narew National Park. On one side we found the campsite that we wanted, on the other side wildlife that surrounds us. We could not select better!


The campsite is located right on the bank of the Narew river. There is some educational paths which we can use to enter the areas of wildlife and observation towers from which you can admire the beauty of the river. Revelation.


Footbridge “among the Swamp” is a bridge with a total length of 1 km, of which 600 meters is footbridges. On the route there is 13 information boards placed that describes the surrounding nature.


We divided our explorations to two days. On the first day evening we saw the footbridge near the forest district Kurowo. On the second day we went to the village Waniewo to access a second footbridge and crossing Waniewo-Śliwno. Despite the statement that the water level is low and it may not be able to cross the river crossing – it succeeded. Kris himself decided to drag the floating footbridge. The drive there was operated manually and he had to drag the chain holding the ferry.


On the other side of the bridge we met the Narew National Park guard, which fetch a fee. With Large Families card we had entrance to the park for free.


We met fishermen who were fishing at the swift stretch of river. We went to the observation tower. And at the area of the tourist information children had fun in the playground.

We recommend this place to all families with children 🙂