Trips With Kids

Ślęża Mountain with kids

Taking the opportunity that we were nearby Wroclaw we decided to visit Ślęża mountain. On a sunny Sunday we went there and started wandering.


Ślęża is the highest peak in the Sudeten Foreland with a height of 718m a.s.l. Relative height is 500 meters. We wanted to check how our kids are ready to crawl mountain trails.sleza_mapa_szlakow

Our trip started from Tąpadła Pass. There is parking, but on Sunday morning free places were gone. This reflects how popular is this place. We found another place to leave our car nearby, in the orchard of the neighbor house. Parking fee, of course.

Ślęża is commonly recommended for trips with children. Mostly recommended is yellow trail that is accessible even with the trolley. In fact, this route is virtually wide paved road with rather negligible slope. In other words: boring. At the first crossroad we decided to change the route to another trail – more attractive. The choice was the blue trail, which partially led by the rocks. Kids liked to climb the rocks. The possibility of keeping a stick in hand was a very interesting. The joy, however, lasted for a while. When we noticed that rest of the trail is also the by the rocks we decided to return to the yellow trail. It was easier. At least we tried harder one for a while.


Kris was able to climb to the summit by himself, Agatha needed a little help at the end and Justine was going up “on my back” since half of route. That informed us that for real climbing with kids we need to wait.

At the top of Ślęża mountain we were shocked by how many people we found there. We were also astonished about prices in the PTTK shelter. Single sausage costs as much as nowhere around. It was uncommon. Fortunately we had some beverage in our bag.

On this day was very nice, sunny weather and the view from the top of mountain was incredible.


The best part of trip was to run down the hill. It was few times better than climbing up. Kids had a ball that was rolling down with them. They was competing who will go faster.

We had some footage from that trip, a little bit drama, that shows how kids were exhausted at the end of trip. Take a look: