Trips With Kids

Storebælt Bridge to Zealand

Early in the morning, when we finished our breakfast we started to pack our stuff to car. All what we have left was swimsuits. We planned to go to the pool that was available on MyCamp Camping. We had time until checkout hour, that was at 11 AM. Next 2 hours we spent of active fun in the water in very professional pool. Check out our movie how it looks:

There was slides, wild river and jacuzzi. Kids enjoyed this pool a lot.


When swimming has ended we hit the road again.


That day our schedule looked like this:

  • arrive to Zaeland island through Fiona island and Storebælt bridge
  • set up our tent in camping
  • visit our family who lives in Holbæk

Massive plan for one day so we went without any delay. Whole Fiona island we drove by highway. First stop was before entering Storebælt bridge.

Storebælt Bridge

Incredible bridge that connects both sides of Great Belt strait. In fact it is not single bridge, but two bridges, tunnels and small island in the center.

This bridge was built for 10 years in 1988 – 1998. It is 17 km long and costs 21,4 billion danish crowns (DKK). Big investment in building this bridge is the reason we need to pay to pass this bridge. Price for one car was 235 DKK. Before this bridge was built the only way to drive between this strait was a ferry that took about 90 minutes. Currently drive time has been decreased to 15 minutes.


Bridge consists of:

  • east part

    6790 m long with hanging construction( 2700m long, 254m high). The clearance of the bridge is 65m. Rail passes this part in underwater tunnel (two independent hallways on each side) with a length of 8024m. The tunnel is located at a depth of 12 to 40m. The deepest point of the tunnel lies at a depth of 75m.

  • west part

    Here both cars and trains goes on bridge. The crossing consists of two parallel bridges. The length of the crossing is 6611m. Clearance in this section is 18m.

  • middle part  – Sprogø Island

    The link between the eastern and western part. Today the island is uninhabitable.

Tempelkrogens Camping

As the camp site we chose Tempelkrogens Camping located in Vipperød. This campsite had a small pool, and – more importantly for us – was located a few minutes from the town of Holbæk. The pool has an interesting design – mushroom slide for toddlers.


In the afternoon we went to visit our family. We spent very good time there. We even had an opportunity to see a part of the raw video footage and tell about what we have already seen in Denmark. In the evening, we returned to our campsite. Agenda made. It’s time to rest.