Trips With Kids

Tripoint border of Poland – Bolcie

Polish territory, Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad Region) meet in one place. This place is located nearBolcie near Wiżajny, not far from the road no. 651 (Wizajny – Zytkiejmy) – on the Polish side and Vištytis (in Lithuanian). This point is marked with a granite pillar with state emblems of three neighbouring countries and in each country’s language. It is called “Wisztyniec”.


Poland has a three-pin 6 border points. These are:

  • Poland – Russia – Lithuania, we are here,
  • Poland – Lithuania – Belarus, on the river Marycha,
  • Poland – Belarus – Ukraine, for the bug,
  • Poland – Ukraine – Slovakia, on top of the mountain Kremenets,
  • Poland – Slovakia – Czech Republic, between Jaworzynka (PL), Black (SK), Hrčava (CZ)
  • Poland – Czech Republic – Germany, between Porajów, Hrádek nad Nisou and Zittau.

The point has been renovated within the EU grant. Near the road connecting Żytkiejmy and Wiżajny there is parking wayside, carport and toilet. Road to the point of being decent, asphalt, which runs right through the territory of Lithuania, because access from the Polish side is more difficult. There is 400m cognitive path “Tripoint borders – cold pole”. Exceeds the little river and beating the difference in elevation we access 2 meter high granite pillar. On the monument we can see exact country borders. It is engraved inscription indicating the name of the country in which we find ourselves.


Poland and Lithuania belongs to the Schengen area, so we can cross country borders without any additional procedures. In the case of Russia, it is more difficult because there is required a visa. While the law on the border of the matter is clear, so here, at the monument, this provision is slightly comical.


The area of Russia (part of the Kaliningrad region) is fenced along the border. At the  information board there is the information that can’t enter the territory of Russia, we are also not allowed to take pictures. Apparently even threatens a mandate from the border service.


You could say that we were lucky, because we have not seen on the horizon one of the guards. So we could (somewhat illegally) stand leg in Russia 🙂 Children are very marveled why such rules are that the border can not be easily exceeded.