Trips With Kids

Hydropolis – Center for knowledge about water

Hydropolis is the center of knowledge about water. It located in Wroclaw in a historic building on Na Grobli Street. In past in this location clean water tank was here, and now it is replaced with modern educational center.

As a visitors of water center we learned how important the water is. This is the first place in Poland with such educational purpose focused on subject of water. It is addressed to all ages, mainly focused on children and youth.


At the start of the visit we are invited to a dark room called “Planet Water” at the center of which is a pool filled with water (beware not to fall). Short movie is displayed on the big screen with the effects of light radiating in every direction. This is the part that the kids liked the least, but it was interesting for some older children and adults.

When movie projection was over doors from the hall were opened so we could go in one of three directions to different thematic sections. In each of them there are descriptions, sometimes expositions of curiosities and multimedia station. There are also multimedia games, such as linking the molecules H and O to create water. Some of the positions is more spectacular, a part requires concentration and deepening knowledge.


Demand for multimedia table with a map of Wroclaw which shows the scale of the floods that hit Wroclaw in 1997. You have to remember that water is the element and has a destructive power.

We were very pleased that we had the opportunity to enter into the bathyscaphe Trieste, where in 1960 two adventurers explored the bottom of the Mariana Trench.


Along the walls of the building there is provided a water printer, which controls the water jets in such a way that while watching it from a distance it illustrate some shapes. For children it was an test for reflex and speed – they tried to run through when the water was not flying. With what result? Well, check that on the video:

Tickets can be booked in advance via the internet. We did it this way. And here it is important thing that the entry hour printed on ticket is not so important. Hydropolis service allowed us to enter on different time on the same day. When we booked tickets in advance it was pretty hard to estimate relevant time. The price – quite high, adult PLN 27, child PLN 18. However there is an option to buy family ticket with Large Families Card discount. A big plus!