Trips With Kids

Jasmund National Park

After a morning visit to the Sellin time to visit the northern part of the island. The island of Rügen is famous for its coastal cliffs and we decided to explore one of them. Once we were on a cliff in Denmark and we wanted to compare how it will look here.

The area to the north of the Sassnitz city is covered by forest belonging to the Jasmund National Park. Access to the park is restricted for cars, so we left the car at the edge of the park and drove to the center on bicycles. We found parking on a turn of the L303 road, there is a small tavern at which you can park your car.

We get on our bikes out of car and rode. Before us was a road about 2 km long. We even couldn’t be tired. The road in the direction of the Museum of National-Zentrum Königsstuhl leads downhill, but return we will have a little bit difficult.

The path we were going had limitations for car traffic. They allow to drive here only by buses and taxis.

We reached the car park at the front of museum. That was a place where we left our bikes. We went for a walk into direction of Victoriasicht cliff. Our joy did not last long. After several hundred meters we reached the steps that should lead us down the cliff. We saw that stairs were closed. Unfortunately there was information board, but only in the German language.

Fortunately after a while we found a young couple who helped us to translate the text into English. We noticed that unfortunately stairs were closed due to fallen rocks and it is under repair right now. It is a pity that this information we didn’t read before arrival. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the main part of the tour can’t be reached due to majeure forces.

Well, all we could do was to continue walk in the upper part of the cliff. We had the opportunity to see the view from the view point where it was a small metal bridge with padlocks that couples in love were leaving here.

That’s good!

We need to mention, that we didn’t entered museum. The price was not encouraged, and we had another great scheduled trip for this day – we wanted to visit abandoned buildings of Prora.