Trips With Kids

Nobel Peace Center

The last museum we had plans to see was the Museum of the Nobel Peace Prize. The entire building is dedicated to granted each year award for making peace in the World. Our compatriot – Lech Walesa – also received the award in 1983.


The main hall is dedicated to the current winners of the prize. The exhibition apparently changed every year. The upper floor has several rooms and the main of them is the hall with portraits of the every winner. The museum is a lot of knowledge passes through multimedia. These portraits are not photos, they are LCD displays.

In the corridor, placed a multimedia presentation with the ability to move independently of the timeline. Along with moving the slider to change the information on the board (picture, name, description).


There was a place with the Nobel testament, which was also the multimedia. In a separate room was a large book, which had printed pages. Projector was illuminating the pages from the top and we could flip pages by catching corner of the page (literally the screen).


We were surprised that the museum is so small. It ended so soon that we wondered if there is another floor of exhibition, but there wasn’t.

It is worth to mention that children has own tour, they can collect pictures which are a part of a educational game. On the cards are placed date and symbols associated with the prize awarded. It is a pity that reduced their cards only to a few recent years.

A few shots from our camera:

Tickets cost: adults NOK 90, children <16 years for free.