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Polar Ship Museum FRAM

Right next to the Kon-Tiki Museum is located FRAM – dedicated to “the strongest ship in the world – Fram.” This Norwegian schooner was built in 1892. and was used in the most important polar expeditions. During the Fridtjofa Nasenn expedition on the North Pole (in 1893-1896) sailed along the coast of Russia to the Novosibirsk islands, and on the way back, just a few steps past the pole. Another trip FRAM took Otto Sverdrup in 1898-1902. He circumnavigated Greenland from the south and west and reached the extended far north Canadian islands Ellesmere.


Ship was used by Roald Amundsen in the years 1910-1912 for sailing to the coast of Antarctica, from where it departed on foot in a deadly race to the South Pole against the Englishman Robert Scott. Amundsen won, he was the first who reached it at 14th December 1911. Scott arrived there a month later and died on the way back. With this fascinating story and others, describing the discovery of the Arctic and Antarctic introduces interesting exhibition, richly illustrated with photographs, maps and reminders of the polar explorers. The biggest attraction is the same ship “Fram”, located in the middle of the building. You can enter it and see how life of Great travellers looked like.


In the hall there is a twilight of blue glow. Distributed around the building balconies with exhibits, connected by stairs. To get on the ship you have to climb the stairs to the balcony and there use highest bridge to get on board the vessel.
fram4On the ship you can see all the accessories, you can go below and watch how engine area, sailors cabin and equipment cabins looks.


The most surprising was little room of onboard doctor, which was equipped with all the necessary on-board medical devices. So he had and forceps to pluck the teeth and saw to cut the bone (if you had someone to amputate the limb).


Museum FRAM is definitely the most beautiful museum of watched that day and would highly recommend it to all visitors to Oslo.

And here’s a video of our visit:

Regular price per adult NOK 100, children NOK 40, and a family ticket (2 + 3) costs 200 NOK.