Trips With Kids

Sledging from Hrebienok

Hrebienok, that means in Slovak saddle is a terraced appearance in the High Tatras, located in the massif of Slavkovský Peak. It has a height of 1,285 meters a.s.l. It is the most popular view point of the High Tatras. From the top you can see the skyline of Poprad, as well as the pyramids of Indirect Ridge (2440m) and Lomnica (2632m).


The top can be reached by train from the Old Smokovec ground. The train is very similar to that which enters the Gubałówka in Poland. The journey takes 7 minutes and costs 7 euros (admission up per adult). The railway runs every half hour, and at the same time can take 128 people.

Mountain lift is the simplest method of getting to the top. Especially in the winter and with children. For children it  is an additional attraction.

At the top there are several attractions for children: inner tube downhill on ice,  there is also an exhibition of figures made of ice and ice temple. Every year there is organized competition called Tatry Ice Master that emerges the best sculptor of ice figures.


There is also a restaurant, a holiday home and a panoramic terrace. There are, of course, ski lifts and the main attraction on which the went – downhill on a sled.


You can borrow sled at lower station in the store of Tatry Motion. You can also do that at the top, but there are only wood ones. These borrowed at the bottom was very hard, metal sled that has no problem to be used by 1 + 1 and 1 + 2 configuration. Sledge route leads along the train. It has a length of 2.5 km. The route leads through an outdoor area, which once was covered with forest. There was, however, a hurricane in November 2004, and the forest was totally destroyed. In place of the old forest they planted new trees, but that new forest was burnt in 2013.

Sledging from Hrebienok was great entertainment. We just liked it so much that we decided to drive to the top again and take a ride one more time.


After the end of the sledging we were all soaked. Snow got the legs, boots, gloves, everything was soaked, and even hats. Luckily, we had our clothes for change in the car.


Be sure to see the movie showing our fun! We recommend everyone to go to Hrebienok on a sled with children.

We drove in the direction of Poprad, to go to the next bed. This time we moved to Liptovsky Mikulas area – to village Trnovec.

In Mikuláš we ate dinner in the restaurant Soda Club. The restaurant with good recommendations of Foursquare users. Once again, it appears that the community was right, exposing high marks. Prices reasonable and the meals were tasty.

Liptovský Trnovec is a small town located nearby the lake Liptovska Mara. For us it was an ideal base for trip to Tatralandia, which we wanted to take the next day.