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Bornholm bicycle trip – Day 2: Hammershus Castle

The second day of our cycling trip we started at a campsite in Hasle. We ate breakfast in the morning, then we packed our tent and we were ready to go. Packing the tent went very smoothly, because we shared tasks and everyone knew what to do.

We were already packed for the road and we had to move, but suddenly we found out that sunglasses were missing. We asked at the reception and there were. Someone honest gave them to the office. Cool.

We started our drive from a visit to Hasle. There we wanted to find an ATM to carry a little bit of Danish kroner in cash. Sometimes it is useful when we meet a small shop or a paid attraction. We drove to the market and found out that we already passed the teller without notice. Short break in the market was great opportunity to discuss the whole route for that day. What was amazing in Hasle is perfectly flat sidewalks. So flat sidewalks in Poland does not exists at all.

Jons Kapel

We moved further through the bicycle road to north. At the end of the village cycling road turns to the left and led us down from hill. We were happy that we did not go in the opposite direction 🙂 The road ran right by the sea. On the way we passed the single buildings and reached the harbor Helligpeder, then Teglkås and in the distance we noticed the rock cliff named Jons Kapel.

When the paved road ended began trail path with big surprise. The steep climb won with us. We had bikes with panniers and trailer with goods weighing 40 kg. Fortunately there were good people who helped us in the final meters to reach the top of the hill. At the top there was forest felling of trees at that moment. It was loud, so we didn’t wait any longer and we continued our ride. This time the road was flatter and led us through the beautiful Bornholm’s fields and pastures. We were partially hidden in forest, so the hot sun did not bother us at riding.

As we were moving to the north the area was becoming more mountainous. We drove to the Vang town. There bicycle road happily led sideways of village, which allowed us to avoid the steep driveway. An interesting fact is that many times we have seen the warning signs on the road slope of up to 14% slope level. It was our last fragment of road in forest, and after reaching the asphalt road, turn left in the direction of Sandvig. It was a winding mountain road with quite a large car traffic (average safe).

Finally, after a few hundred meters we saw the parking lot, turned there in the hope that this is a car park for visitors to the Hammershus castle. But it wasn’t, although the parking lot was even with a booth that looked like a guard booth. We discovered that by this way, especially with the bikes, we can’t go to the castle. There was a beautiful view of the castle, which beautifully presented on the opposite side of the valley.

Hammershus Castle

A view there was like this:

It happens, so went back to the road and drove on to the correct parking lot. The number of cars that we saw there we realized us that this time it was the right place. For bicycles special bicycle racks were prepared. Shock, because almost all were occupied. We left our bikes and went for a walk to explore the ruins of Hammershus castle.

Sightseeing was free of charge. To reach the ruins of the castle we had to go part of the way on foot. It was a path where bicycle riding was not allowed. After a while we were at the top and we could admire the unearthly view from the height of the castle ruins. In the bottom we could see the harbor in Sandvig, beautiful forests, and on the opposite side the Jons Kapel slope, which we just passed.

We entered the area of ​​the former castle. There is not much of castle today. We saw some parts of perimeter walls, fragments of the tower, courtyard. The entire facility was very well maintained. Many interesting facts we learn from the information boards located within the ruins. We walked around the entire facility and on the way back we noticed in the shadow of the castle basking sheep. What a nice surprise.


Next we drove towards the Sandvig village. Here, on west-north side of Bornholm, we can find real mountains. Steep climbs and descents are here a normal road. We wanted to see another interesting place – a small mountain lake Opalsøen. We made a little mistake and get lost for a while, because there were no signs. Fortunately, with the help they came to us townspeople, who show us the right way.

To the lake Opalsøen comes all adrenaline’s activity fans. Here, from the high rocks located on the opposite bank of lake a steel rope was stretch and there was an option to buy a ride on that (which ends with landing in the water). Unfortunately we couldn’t take advantage of this attraction, because we had only one adult and two kids. However, watching the landings of people in the water was great fun. We must admit that some people had a fantasy landing. Some daredevils jumped from a cliff into the water. It seemed it is not safe, but it was quite a popular activity of young people.

Sandkaas Familiecamping

Next we drove through the Sandvig, which becomes Allinge. Our next camp was just out of town. This time it was Sandkaas Familiecamping.

We got there quite early. Seamless registration and good news, especially for children, swimming pool, which was included in the price. First we set up tent, then we went to the pool to have some fun. After a busy day on the bike in the sun it was so relaxing.

Later we ate dinner, there was a time for memories of the whole day experiences. Regarding dinner we knew what order we will use to empty our trailer, where we had dinners for the whole week. First, we chose the ones that were the most heavy.

In the evening while batteries were charging we played a few times in the Mancala and headed to sleep.

That day we beat the route of 22 km. Altitude difference: 300 meters.