Trips With Kids

Bornholm bicycle trip – Day 5

On the fifth day of our bicycle tour with children around Bornholm we drove into the island center to Aakirkeby.

We spent the night at a campsite in Dueodde. Our tent was set next to the dunes. We had a really great location for the tent – we had a view on the sea. After breakfast we packed up and went to the reception to pay for our stay.

Dueodde lighthouse

A moment later we were at the lighthouse in Dueodde. It is just a few hundred meters away from the campsite. We went to the top of the tower. Tickets cost us DKK 20 in total.

On top was a beautiful sight because the lighthouse is much higher than the surrounding trees. We got the beautiful sunny weather. Kids decided to count the stairs while going down. We counted 220 steps.

At the top I broke camera tripod when I tried to mount it to the rail. This is another loss that we had during our trip. We have already lost sunglasses, toothbrush and had some new holes in shoes. We didn’t worry about the losses, something like this always could happen.

After visit in lighthouse we walked to the beach. There the beach was much wider than near the camping. Dunes was similar to those we knew from Leba, Poland. Kids took some little sand in the bag again in order to build own hourglass.

Nexo Golf Club

We moved on. Bicycle path led along a forest and street. At some point we saw Nexo Golf Club golf course across the street. There was no fence, and we were curious how it looks in the middle. We went for a while to see one of the positions. It is rare to have such possibility to watch a golf course.

We went up the cycling road. Children began to race again. At one point, Kris pulled the wheel over and made the first fall. And although it looked awfully nothing bad has happened to him.

Degree confluence point 55N 15E

At one point the road turned sharply to the right. Nearby this turn the degree confluence point was located. That is the geographic point where the “lines” on the map crosses.

This point in terrain is nothing special. However it can be easily found on a map. Here, on Bornholm we could explore that point. It is located on the pasture where horses and sheep grazed. We could go inside. We had to pay attention to the “mines” left by animals.

In the exact location there is set a plate with a cross and a plaque. We took a photo and then we went on the road.

More about this place can be read here

A further part of the road ran through the fields, which were not covered by forest. We felt a strong Bornholm’s wind. Riding in the selected direction required to use much more power than usual. Along the way we passed the vineyard. Kids do not drink wine, and fruits were still immature. We also saw another small roadside shops. Here in the center of the island were better equipped than on the main routes. In one of them you could buy even socks.

Auto Museum Aakirkeby

Near Aakirkeby we stopped to visit Bornholms Automobilmuseum. It was Bornholm’s car museum. Although it was high season there were no tourists at all. We visited it all alone.

This museum has a huge amount of exhibits. At the beginning we admire exhibits of technological development of the twentieth century. We have the opportunity to see the old cameras, TVs, telephones, turntables, adapters. There were also a lot of accessories related to automotive such as old fuel dispensers or workshop equipment.

Of course the main exhibition of the museum were cars. Cars were placed next to each other as in the parking lot. Each of them had a description that contains information about the brand, model, manufacture date, performance of the vehicle. Some cars has also an information about  the price at which it could be purchased years ago.

A few cars were really valuable. We saw the first models of popular brands such as Opel and Ford. Unexpectedly we found Syrena car produced in Poland, toddler car (Fiat 126p) or German’s Trabant.

We also had the opportunity to see prototypes of electric vehicles manufactured in Denmark. Very interesting was the exhibition of old toys or fire-fighting vehicles. We payed attention mostly to the fireman bike.

Visiting the museum was an amazing experience. We have gained a lot of information, and kids  had the opportunity to see things that does not exist around us anymore.

Aakirkeby Camping

After a visit to the museum we rode to Aakirkeby which was less than a kilometer away. As the accommodation we chose Aakirkeby Camping. It’s a small, nice camp located in the central part of the island.

At the camp we met another family from Poland, which we met previously in Svaneke. They come here directly, and we had one extra night in Dueodde. You can see that everyone chooses a different route to explore the island.

One of the most interesting attractions of this place were big chess which were about a meter high. Children liked it very much.