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European bison show reserve

To Bialowieza we got tempted by ads, which are showing the bison everywhere. We wanted to see these beautiful animals, and it seem to be the best place to view them in Bison Show Reserve.

We need to turn from the main road leading to the Bialowieza. In forest we can see huge arrows that are providing the route to huge parking lot. We need to leave car there. It was so crowded  that some cars even lined up along the forest. Amazingly under the fence was empty parking partially occupied by the traffickers. You can buy souvenirs of the Bialowieza National Park, as well as toys and honey from natural apiaries.

We need to walk along the fence to access entry to the Reserve. It is another place that honor the Large Families card. It’s cool to have some little discount on ticket price. In the middle we found out that we have quite a large area, likely a zoo.

At the start of our walk Daniel greets us, then we passed the elk and reach the fence with Zubron (hybrids of bison and cow). It’s such a half bison, half a cow.


Moving forward, it’s hot. We go to the footbridge leading to the center of the runway. It was empty, there is no animals in sight. And where those bison?

Continuing the way startled inadvertently the deer, which would run diverge to their area. Moving forward …

Finally we found the fence, where bison should be inside. And there was literally 6 of them, far away from the fence, in the middle of the field. They were so far away that you can not even make a photo with them.


We expected that there will be more of them. Well, maybe we had not luck. In fact, we visited them on very hot day so the animals were tired of the heat.

We went back to the exit, passing a wolf and a fallow deer. By the way we pass the fence with lots of broken trees (this is probably the result of the recent storms).

A bison? Well, we have to settle for artificial bison set in front of a shop in Bialowieza. Real one was too far to take a picture.

Unfortunately the name of Bison Exhibition Reserve commonly used in commercials looks beautiful, in fact, this zoo, you have to be lucky to see bison up close.

Take a look also our video from visit to the Reserve: