Trips With Kids

Fairy Tales Garden, Międzygórze, Poland

We started our holiday trip quite late, at 9am. Usually, we are trying to leave home earlier to avoid traffic on the roads. This time, we allowed children to sleep longer, and we had the opportunity to  complete our luggage. One of our statements for this trip was that we will not be in a hurry. Finally, we have holidays and we don’t have to chase anything.

Route from Poznań to Wroclaw passed very efficiently. On the way, we saw a lot of ongoing work related to the construction of a new section of the S5 express road. When it will be completed it will shorten travel time to south. In Wrocław, we decided to take a short break. After about an hour we went back on our way to Międzygórze, where the first attraction of our trip was waiting for us.

Garden of Fairy Tales in Międzygórze

We decided to visit the Garden of Fairy Tales in Międzygórze. We (parents) were there a dozen years ago and we wanted to show this place to our children. This garden is located in the forest, about half an hour from Międzygórze. There is a special trail for kids. Older children managed to overcome the route themselves, and for Iwona we’ve provided a ride up by the trolley. Pushing the trolley up was quite exhausting, especially on the last meters where the road passes over bumpy stones and the trolley had to be carried.

In the end, we’re at the Garden of Tales. It looks the same way as in our memories. It is a sign that time has stopped here for good. We bought tickets and entered the garden to admire sculptures of fairy-tale figures.

The garden can be explored on foot by walking along paths leading among the sculptures made of wood. The alleys are very steep at times, so we left our trolley at the entrance. Every now and then we passed figures of fairy tales characters and wooden houses, eg. a gingerbread house, a Baba Yag’s house, a youth house. You can enter some of the exhibition and put your head out through the window so that someone else from outside can take a picture of us.

While walking, we tried to recognize from characters we met. Unfortunately, most of the exhibits did not have any signatures and we did not know if we knew who the figure was. On the way we met characters from Polish tales like: Koziołek Matołek (yes, the one from Pacanów), Hansel and Gretel with Baba Yag, Smurf, Little Mole, Pinokio, Bolek and Lolek, Pszczółka Maja, Shrek and Fiona, as well as less popular.

When we were walking by the companions of Winnie the Pooh children were concerned that Piglet was in prison. Actually Piglet was in repair and nothing bad happened to him.

We got the impression that there is no renovation in the garden. It seems that no new figures appear there. No wonder that children do not know the characters of some fairy tales. I think the only breath of freshness is the sculpture of Spanich Bob, and that’s not good.

We’re going to Międzygórze

Garden of fairy tales were visited, so we go down to the city. This time, knowing the route thoroughly, we decided to shorten the road a bit and we went down a steeper descent. As always in the mountains, going down is faster and easier than going up. On the way we stopped by a forest spring. We knew there’s a trail to the waterfalls, but unfortunately this route was under renovation. We had no choice and we had to go down the same path we entered.

In Międzygórze, we decided to have dinner in the restaurant. We chose one of those that are at the end of the trail.

To the Czech Republic

When our bellies were full, we had to feed the car. On our way to the border, we drove to the gas station and drove to the Czech Republic. We were driving in slightly mountainous roads, and got to our campsite. The route ran exactly to the south and there was no express road or highway there. We could, therefore, admire the beauty of the Czech villages.

Interestingly, when we passed the border, we noticed that car traffic is much quieter. It can be seen that the Czechs adhere to speed limits, especially in built-up areas.

We chose Camping Hana for the night. When we arrived, we were greeted by the lettering “no vacancies”. Fortunately, we have previously sent an email asking for a reservation. As it turned out, the place was waiting for us. We set up a tent, took a bath, ate supper and went to bed. During supper we looked at the sky. The sky over the campsite was covered with thousands of stars. We remembered saying: “How many stars hotel do you sleep in?” We sleep under a million stars.