Trips With Kids

Holmenkollen Ski Jump Arena

On the outskirts of Oslo there is a hill named Holmenkollen. There is located popular Ski Jump Arena. We can get there by subway – Line 1. Railway is climbing over the mountains and allows us to view beautiful panoramas of the Oslo city located below.


When we reached the station we needed to go several meters up to access ski jump object. Finally we are there. Ski jump arena is amazing, it is a huge building that is very tall and can fit a lot of people.

The great attraction is to use the ski jump building for rappelling from the top. Kris was too small for that, maybe we will come here again in future for that.


Few facts

  • height of ski jump: 134m
  • official record: 141,0m, it belongs to Andreas Kofler (5.03.2011)
  • length of running start: 90,35m
  • angle of inclination: 36°
  • stands: 30000 viewers.

It is in this place, where our compatriot Adam Malysz five times triumphed in the World Cup (1996, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2007). It was the most wins in the history of this ski jump, so he has been hailed as “king of the Holmenkollen.”

The old ski jump was demolished in 2008. New one was built in same place.


Ski arena that we were able to see is new object built in 2010.

It’s fun to review how ski arena looks like for real (not in TV), to imagine how it looks with the competitions here. The 40,000 fans must create a great atmosphere. We have to take a part of such event one day.

We’ve found unusual attraction at the bottom of building, it was ski jump simulator. It’s a place where for few minutes of the show we can feel like a skier jumping the hill and ride a giant slalom.