Trips With Kids

Kayaks with children – Paklica

Have you run with children in kayak? We did, many times. Taking the opportunity of staying in the area of Międzyrzecz we went on a one-day rafting on Paklica river. We already were kayaking on Obra river and this small river was not explored yet. Trail that we chose is described as easy. Perfect.


We left our car in Międzyrzecz and with kayaks we went to the Jordanowo village. There, we packed to the kayak and started kayaking.

Paklica River is a tiny river, which in the first stage of our journey led through fields. At the beginning we sailed under a new S3 expressway. Then we reached the Szumiąca village and further there river led in forest.


Around the middle of the route (next to the Smolno Mill) we needed to carry kayaks. Canoes had to be moved about 50 meters down the river. In the section of the forest we met several obstacles such as fallen trees, which raised the attractiveness of the crossing. The last section of the forest, just before entering the Wyszanowo lake was almost all overgrown with reeds. Beautiful view.


The final stage of our route is two lakes, Wyszanowo and Bukowieckie, at the end of which we had the end of the tour.

A few words about how the children fared during the runoff. For Kris it was fun, he is oldests and was already rafting, this time he highly desire to help in the paddling. So we decided to divide like this: Kayak 1: Ann + Kris, Kayak 2: Philip + Agatha  + Justine.


For Justine it was the first contact with the kayak and so long traversing on the Water. You can see that she liked it. It is important for children to ensure the correct dose time rafting activities. Ideally, the Natural attractions (eg. Spotted Bird, attractive aquatic vegetation OR dragonfly), but you must also be prepared for it when no such attractions exists. Here they come to the aid treats, which are perfect for the kayak. Children Traveling in a kayak is a great opportunity to make contact with nature.

Children safety in the canoe is important. Life jackets must be worn matched to the weight and height of the child. We, knowing our passion for canoeing, already have acquired 2 own life jackets, which now go from child to child, along with how they grow. It is also important that the child was disciplined and was able to hide almost all parts of their body in a kayak – this is a useful skill to overcome the obstacles on the water. Children life jackets have a special collar keeping the baby’s head on the surface of the water and are equipped with a whistle.

Our children started adventures in a kayak at the age of 3 and this is probably the most appropriate moment to quietly take comfort as a companion while rafting.

The entire route length was 14 km. We had recreation pace (5 hours with a short break next to the mill).