Trips With Kids

Krynica Morska – lighthouse and beach

After a morning visit to Malbork we went over the Baltic Sea to Krynica Morska – the village, located on the Vistula Spit.

During our last year’s visit to Denmark we traveled spit near the village of Hvide Sande and Thyborøn – there were at Lighthouse Lyngvig Fyr. In Krynica Marine also we have the lighthouse and, of course it was one of the places we visited. These places are very similar to each other – both sandbars are about a kilometer wide. The difference is such that the Poland is forested, and Danish one is not. After defeating the long, winding, forest road we arrived to Krynica Morska.


The first surprise how we met is a route that Google navigation led us to the lighthouse through the road, which turned into a way for pedestrians only (transformed into a staircase). We needed to find place to park in different place and walk around and to lighthouse.

When we parked the car, we’ve found out that the stop is payable in parks. But  the parking meter does not accept the money. We call on the services of parking ticket machines, to not get a ticket for lack of payment. A lady from maintenance said – “Please punch the machine.” It worked, and the ticket was printed. We are not in the habit of using such force against the machines. It is also worth mentioning an interesting price list for parking. The first half hour costs PLN 0,50, the first hour PLN 2.50, the second costs 3.60 PLN, third 4.30 PLN and each additional 3,00 PLN. Promote stopping for a moment, and the most expensive is parking for three hours.

We went to the lighthouse, and at the place we discovered that the tour is possible from the age of 4. They dictated that for safety reasons, because on the top is a high ladder. We explained that Justin has been almost four years and I’ll take care of her. Guarding lady was adamant. There was no information about this ban on lighthouse website. As a result we had a crying baby. We decided to go to the top only by two of our five. At the top we found a great disappointment. You can’t go outside lighthouse building and admire the views from behind the glass only. A mentioned difficult and dangerous ladder aroused in us a volley of laughter – the attic we have a better ladder and Justin copes with it perfectly. Entrance to the top of the lighthouse, which measures a 27 meters costs PLN 6 per adult and 4 PLN per child. Exorbitant price for 100 steps.


There was time for lunch, so we took the fish, because we were at the seaside. After the meal we drove to the tent area, we found convenient place for us and hurriedly went to the beach. Afternoon on the beach allowed us to enjoy the place – there was no crowds, which went from beach to dinner.

We had opportunity to build sand castle. Kids wanted to build such a great castle as Malbork was. They were involved in the construction and everyone had an impact on the final shape. Construction led Kris and every child had own chamber.


We took advantage of the dip in the cold water of the Baltic. Here, unlike the Rowy, which is often in the past we drove, the beach was sandy. Cool phenomenon was too shallow a few meters from the shore. The water was to the knees (in children case to the waist), and then stood in the water up to our ankles. Agatha ran toward the edge of the sandbar, bounced and landed in deeper water – we have it included in the video. Enjoy the view:

The evening was calm. In the morning we headed south toward Elbląg on further adventures.