Trips With Kids

Kurozwęki – Buffalos and corn maze

Kurozwęki is a small village in the Świętokrzyskie province. It is known because of the palace complex and the accompanying attractions. Initially it wasn’t on our list of places to visit, but we took the recommendation of family and decided to drive up to this place. We didn’t regret.


We had no desire to visit palace after not very nice experience from Łańcut. We have focused, however, on the surrounding attractions of the palace. Among them is the only one in Poland American bison breeding. In order to see the bisons we went to Bialowieza, where there was not much of them, and here – in the humble village Kurozwęki – a flock of more than 80 animals appeared to us.

Bisons and Buffalo are not equal, however, have a common ancestor, which look very similar. The bison inhabited areas of Europe, while the buffalo areas of North America. These Kurozwęki were brought there, and the herd is growing in Poland. They were male, female and tiny ones.

To watch bisons we needed to take a ride in trailer attached to the tractor. We drove up very close to the animals, and the lady tour guide told us interesting facts about them. In this way, at least partially we were able to realize the children’s dream who wanted to see the bisons during the holidays.


When the bison safari tour ended we came the next attraction. Weather gave us a little trick, because there were first drops of rain. We didn’t give up and went into the maze. It was a very unusual and rare maze of corn. Corn was higher than an adult, so there was no possibility of cheating.


During the planting of field corn (with an area of 4.5 h) they set here paths arranged in a pattern of the maze. Designs are created here for 9 years, every year, inspired by another event. There was a maze about Euro 2012, it was an Indian village, Koziołek Matołek and John Paul 2nd. At the entrance to the maze we’ve got route map with the points on the route which we needed to find.

We had a chance to beat a route that represented the bust of John Dlugosz, in 2015 it was 600’s anniversary of birth of this chronicler. In the middle of the maze numbered plates with questions regarding Dlugosz were placed. Walking (running) along the paths of the maze we had to find best way from point to point. Answers to this questions took participation in the competition.

We strongly recommend to go here with the family. There is a lot of fun and the attraction is relatively cheap. If there is a chance we will be back again to check a different pattern of maze in next years.