Trips With Kids

Mikroskala Konin

We really wanted to see miniature world which offers the Centre for Education and Leisure Mikroskala located in Konin. It is a place that is definitely worth visiting with family. We get first information about it place from the blog of Kinga and Michal (Leo Lea Blog) – traveling family from Wroclaw. Encouraged by the positive impressions they had we decided to check it on our own.

“Mikroskala” (Micro scale) is located on the outskirts of Konin at the road that is joining city with  A2 highway (junction Konin East). Micro scale is located in the Entertainment Centre together with the 3D cinema, in-building playground, a time capsule and shop. The greater part of the building was occupied by a micro-scale exhibition. Families has special group tickets, which make the attraction is not so expensive. Discounts are always welcome 😉

When we entered exhibition we saw many theme scenes made in micro scale. Some of them are protected by glass and other are partially open. In these open everything is at your fingertips. Kids were initially confused, because they wanted to see everything at once and began to run from cabinet to cabinet. There was so many amazing things to see. After a while, when they calmed down, we began to quietly watch everything step by step.


We liked very much an interactive mock-up of the two trains, where one train was going through the tunnel. One graceful hand movement and train derailed. Putting it back on the tracks wasn’t an easy task, because the motor began to race just after contact with the tracks. Trains rode next to the platform where was waiting: Rex, Bolek and Lolek, Baltazar the Sponge, Smurfs, Kajko and Kokosz, Titus and others known fairytales characters.

Some cases were connected to each other in such a way that the train could go along several stages through the tunnels in walls. Children were running around with delight along the train. World shown in the mockups reflects real world places that you can meet in real. For example, you could see the railway station in Konin or amusement park.

Next we walked near the scenes referring to the historical events that left a sign in history. Such scenes were i.e. The Titanic ship (with a part on the water and the wreckage on the ocean floor). We could also see the world destroyed by disasters such as tsunami or tornado. In addition to the natural scenes there were also shown scenes that was made by human, such as the atomic bomb explosion or the Berlin wall. There were also those which depicted the events of history and World War II.


We also found a model depicting Noah’s Ark and the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Above us there was even a UFO with the music from the movie X-Files


In each of the mock-up was the world in micro scale. All items were reflected with great precision. You can see that the designers put a lot of heart in the building of the scene.

Part of the exhibition had buttons that were used to trigger special effects. And such effects could, for example, run a train on the lights, or play sounds. As we heard from Mikroskala’s service: “buttons are there to push them.” Just say that to the children …

There were also mocks related to films. Star Wars fans will find here a real treat. Kris, when he saw it, he started to name each famous character. See it yourself in the video:

On the construction was another scene presenting the world known from the Avatar movie.

Suddenly we were invited to look at workshop. It is rare to show people something that is hidden behind main hall.  A very nice surprise. We went to the workshop area. New platform that is in construction will use glass balls to make action. These balls will fall to activate met mechanisms. So far, however, we saw raw wooden structure and we had an opportunity to trace the movement of falling balls. It was very loud. As we heard louder attractions are better, because kids like them much more.


Apart from the mock-up there is also a corner for spending some creative time with kids. There are various blocks and spatial puzzles. The arrangement of 3×3 cube elements can cause a bit of difficulty. However, we did it.

We are very pleased and surprised that in the weekend there were no crowds. We were able to carefully examine each mock-up and safely diverge around the whole building without the fear that we get lost in crowd.

In summary – a great attraction, which is worth a visit. Thanks to the diversity of individual thematic mockups everyone will find something interesting here.