Trips With Kids

Niegosz Mausoleum, Lovcen Pass and Kotor

Our expedition in Albania ends, we enter Montenegro. The civilization welcomes us again đŸ™‚

For the night we stayed near Bar at the cozy, little campsite called Bartula My Olive Garden Camp.

In the morning we set off towards Kotor on the way wanting to visit the Mausoleum of Niegosz. The route was quite demanding, due to the mistake we made. Going north, we were tempted to drive through the Sozina tunnel, which was supposed to shorten our route. In return, it caused us to drive a fragment of a very narrow local road. It wasn’t faster. A lesson for the future, the white road on Google Maps does not mean anything good, especially in the mountains.

The mausoleum of Niegosz, the penultimate ruler of Montenegro, is located on the Jezierski Peak in the mountains of the Lovcen National Park. The views are amazing, especially when the weather is good.

We went down to Kotor through the Lovcen pass (there were a lot of bends there!). We stopped there for a while to admire the views of the entire Bay of Kotor. We even saw a plane taking off!

In the afternoon we went for a walk around the old town of Kotor. A walk through the cool streets was a relief on those hot days.