Trips With Kids

Royal Baths in Warsaw, Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw has beautiful places for outdoor activities. On Saturday we visited the National Stadium, on Sunday, the Copernicus Science Centre. On Monday, we decided to spend more time outdoors and chose to walk to the Royal Baths. There were monuments decorated with medallions because of upcoming Independence Day.


The Royal Baths are beautiful in autumn. On the one hand, a lot of colored leaves, on the other hand, the surrounding park wildlife – squirrels collecting supplies for the winter and peacocks, ducks and pigeons. We walked down the Belwederska street by the way, seeing an unusual mobilization of the police and ambulance – there has been a traffic accident next to the Russian Embassy. Maybe they thought it was a form of terrorist attack?


Next we went to Belvedere Palace, Pilsudski monument, the Chopin monument. We got to the Palace on the Island. Hence, it was near to the amphitheater. Our kids love walking, but not so long.


Next stop was in city center, we went to the viewing terrace of the Palace of Culture and Science. I’m not sure you know that there we have the most expensive elevators in the country, as sliding up to the observation deck costs 20 PLN per adult and 14 PLN per child 🙂

We had no luck when it comes to the weather, because we found palace tower in a fog, so the view from the top was limited to a short distance. But as you can see the children did not mind, really we enjoyed it at the top, a little scary was in a small elevator rushing up. We’re not familiar with elevators – we don’t use it everyday.