Trips With Kids

Skiing in Gliczarow

That was not our first visit in Gliczarów. Here we are going for years with our children to teach them how to ski. This small village is located on the hill near Zakopane, Poland. In the village there are pensions, ski rentals and two T-bar lifts. And that’s what makes it a great place to rest and learn skiing.


Children spent the first part of the holidays there with grandparents and Annie. Agatha after one week of learning to ski became expert. Kris is doing well, but it was easier for him because he already raced last year. Justin also tried, but she was too small to ski alone. She’s only 3.


We didn’t know how to take care of Justine while we were skiing. She only accepted to sled. We found a way and pulled sledge while skiing. We have created some kind of sleigh ride. We need to care to not crash. Justine was over the moon. Anyway, you can see how we spend one of these days in Gliczarów: