Trips With Kids

Baranów Sandomierski

Next town, which was reached was Baranow Sandomierski, where we visited our family. We spent two days actively: Sunday and Monday.


To reach Baranow Sandomierski we needed to cross the Vistula river. We chose ferry (third time during our road trip). The shuttle, however, differed from the others – in this case it was not supplied with any motor, but manually. Ferry is set at a right angle and thus on the ropes slides to the other side of the river. At the end of crossing the water level in the Vistula was so low that one guy needed to help ferry to reach the shore.

On Sunday afternoon we had the chance to see quite rare competition – firemen tournament. The competition took place at the Sports Stadium in Baranow Sandomierski. Grandstands full of fans on the pitch and the host of Youth Firefighting Teams, Women’s Teams Firefighting and Volunteer Fire Brigades from the city and municipality of Baranow Sandomierski.


After watching the firemen competition we had a chance to see the castle in Baranow Sandomierski. It is the former baronial mansion built in the late sixteenth century. The site of a medieval knight’s manor. In the fifteenth century mansion belonged to a noble family Baranowski, later the castle changed owners several times. Architecturally reminiscent of Wawel Castle, hence the residence called “Little Wawel”. During the II World War the castle was destroyed and rebuilt after the war. The castle is built on a rectangular plan, on the corner has four towers, and in the middle of a beautiful courtyard surrounded by two-storey cloisters. Around the castle is a beautiful park with a fountain.


Along the river in Baranow embankment is laid. Near the shaft, at the back of the castle there is a beautiful tower and a children’s playground with a huge dragon, on which you can climb.

During our visit we also had time reserved for the family, and the kids had a chance to rest. We are very thankful for that.

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