Trips With Kids

Visiting European Fairytale Centre in Pacanow

“In Pacanów goat had shoes
So Goat, wise head,
wanders around the world,
to come to Pacanów. “
Following Koziołek Matołek we went to Pacanów. Pacanów is a small town between Tarnow and Kielce and between Krakow and Sandomierz. Is the capital of fairy tales. This promoted by Kornel Makuszyński town today welcomes all children eager fabulous adventures.


Koziołek Matołek is a fictional character created by Kornel Makuszyński. It was first and most popular polish comics. Created in 1933, popular till today. It is important part of polish children’s literature.

In the middle of the village there is a market in the few monuments of Koziołek Matołek (Matołek the Billy-Goat). There is a monument carved in wood, and even a monument made of flowers. The surrounding market buildings are decorated with colorful images of fairy-tale characters. Everything is colorful and fun, like a fairy tale.
People loved Koziołek Matołek. It’s no wonder, he brings tourists here. It is not surprising that in this village we can see such places as “The Koziołek Inn”, “Koziołek’s Gifts” or “Restaurant Fairytale”. Goats paintings in shops or buildings on street we met a dozen. One goat was sitting even on the mailbox. Goats are everywhere.
In the menu of every restaurant you will find dishes for children. Just at every step you can see that in this city children are the most important.


While walking down the street we were lucky to meet a goat. Children would almost believed that this is a real cartoon character, he had glasses and mustache. Who dressed like a goat is strolling around the city? Goat give us high-five and disappeared somewhere in the streets of the city.
The main attraction is not the market nor the beautifully decorated streets. Families visiting Pacanów aimed primarily at the European Centre of Tales. This center was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to children, parents and people working with children. Building construction looks like mud pies.
Important note: due to the popularity of the place (especially during the holiday season), we recommend you to book tickets before arrival. Better to avoid disappointment of kids, especially in this place.
The building is the Museum of Form fairy, children’s library with a reading room, a cinema and a theater, gift shop, bookstore and cafe. Around the building you will find an amphitheater, an educational garden and live goats.
Children started tour with guide, who in the child-friendly way talks about what they are watching. Parents are the only company in principle, and children absorbed by fairy-tale atmosphere like were moving from point to point easily. Visiting the Museum of Fairy Tale is like a journey in the land of fairy tales. Inside there is a twilight, and well-chosen lighting enhances the visitors experience.
One of the attractions of the center of the museum is a fabulous train, the children move through the depths of the oceans, fly into space, and move in time. There is also a lot of observation areas, special effects (eg. Highlighted steam).
Children also have the opportunity to listen to fairy tales while sitting in the water lilies. As a bonus, we will have the chance to watch one episode of Koziołek Matołek adventures.
At the end of the tour the children get a map with the course of the whole tour and a set of stickers. Sticking takes place after leaving the tour (in a break in the purchase of souvenirs, or when using the services of cafes).
Pacanów was a place that was on the list of worth visit places during our trip. I honestly can say that it didn’t disappoint us. I wholeheartedly recommend to come here for the whole day with the family. In addition to the transition route can spend time in the garden surrounding the center Tales, eat good and cheap dinner at a nearby restaurant, and buy a goat mascot, a book or a fridge magnet. At the restaurant next to the museum there are spaced inflatable rope.
We experienced so much fun. For a moment we (parents) felt as children. It’s nice that there are such places in Poland.
Take a look on video of our visit Pacanów: