Trips With Kids

A night at Chata Magurka shelter

After exploring the cave in a morning and having lunch we went in Low Tatras area. We planed to stay in a real mountain chalet. We wanted to find a climatic place and it was a hit. The only difference in relation to these shelters which we know from our youth was that it was accessible by car and no hiking was required. That was our choice because we were going there with 3 small kids.


We chose Chata Magurka located in the mountain village Magurka. We used a portal, where we are interested in the attractive price for the largest room. This price was much lower than any room in a larger city. Probably because access here was much harder. This hut was located fairly high up in the mountains, accessible in the winter was difficult due to the fact that all roads were covered with snow. Owner advice was to use 4×4 vehicle or snow chains.

The route was leading to the village Partizánska Ľupča towards Liptovská Osada. The road ran along the stream valley. This area was used by sawmill to transport cutted trees from forest. Cargo loaded cars passed us time to time, the road was covered with bark. We were going once at one once at other side of the stream. There was almost no traffic, we drove about 15 km and passed only 2 cars.

Transfer through forest was on snowy road with a big slope. We had snow chains and fog lights on. It was nice thrill time for us. Driving in these conditions is not so common. Check out  how it looked like on video:

The hostel surprised us not only by the location. On site, we noticed that there is buffet where we were able to prepare meal. The owner is very friendly. Children liked room’s hunting decor and fireplace, and perhaps mostly owner’s dog – Susan.


In the afternoon we went sledging to small hill we found nearby. We discovered that too much snow is not so good for sledging. There was about one meter of snow and we needed to compact it by sledging few times. It was beginning to get dark, so we created sleigh ride and went to our shelter with great joy. Result of our play – all clothes were wet.