Trips With Kids

Demänovská Cave of Liberty

We were in Low Tatras. It was impossible to miss the most beautiful caves in Slovakia. We decided to go there – to Demänovská Cave of Liberty.


To reach the cave we had to go south from Liptovsky Mikulas, pass the motorway junction and continue on the road No. 584 guided in the direction of Demänovská Valley. Just along the road is nicely parking with a large sign Demänovská jaskyňa slobody. From the parking lot you have to go about few hundred meters uphill to reach the entrance. The entrance is located in a large building, which is the floor of the hotel.

A few words about how Slovaks earns on tourists. Firstly parking – just 5 Euros for the fact that you can leave your car in the car park forest. Next – entrance fee (8 Euro adult, 4 Euro Child). Another charge which was quite strange – taking pictures for 10 Euros, which seemed to us quite unjustified. It is interesting that the photographers get a special reflective label which allows them to take pictures freely.

In the cave there are two routes. We chose the shorter, because we didn’t know for sure how the children endure a tour in the interior of the Earth. We saw what’s the most beautiful inside. The cave is very nice and made an impression on us. The route has a shorter length of 1150 m and a height difference of 86 meters – visiting takes an hour.


Tour can be done only with an organized group, which starts every 1.5 hours. When planning a trip to the cave is worth remembering that it is closed every Monday. Cool thing was that the tour was in Polish. Most of the tourists in our group came from Poland. Tour was well prepared. All parts of cave has a light, so we might enter cave without flashlights. Periodically there was parking stations where we waited for the rest of group. While waiting, we were able to hear story about the place we currently were.

Inside the cave year-round temperature is 7 °C and considerable moisture. In winter it is even warmer inside.

Our children bravely took the route. It was not so easy because we had to climb about 900 stairs. Justine had a slower pace than the rest of the group and part of route was held in hands of her dad. Through all route she was telling us how she knows caves and bats that live here. It was very fun.

After visiting the cave we became hungry. On the way we stopped at the restaurant Mikuláš Atlas. Here, the popularity of the dinner place surprised us, because there was no free table. Fortunately, staff opened for us the second part of the restaurant – the VIP area. In a truly luxurious conditions we ate dinner there. Cheap and good, so we go ahead and restaurant that we can recommend.