Trips With Kids

Tatralandia with children

Knowing how our kids love the water was difficult to miss the fun when traveling through Slovakia. We had planned a visit to the pool for the day and managed to beat the record – we were there for 6 hours. The joy was extreme.


Tatralandia water park is located in Liptovsky Mikulas. It is a year-round water complex. Our children love to play in water, and therefore we couldn’t miss it during our trip. We spent almost whole day there. This is our longest time at pool.

Due to the fact that we visited the facility in the winter a large part of the attractions (those on open area) were closed.

A few words about the facility:

  • 9 swimming pools with sea water, thermal and clean water,
  • 6 slides (including one partially exterior – in winter!)
  • swimming pools for kids,

The coolest attraction was the slide that was partly external – named Tornado (color white and pink). Outside temperature was oscillating around 0 degrees. There was a moment during slide that we were outside of pool and after while we get back. The length of the slide is 101m, rolls off the pontoon. At the end of the track is a vortex (like a funnel) where we are falling with pontoon.

The building consists of several interconnected halls. In one of them there are four swimming pools (with a bar on an island in the middle), another is a children area with shallow pools and a wading pool for toddlers and another is slides hall. Additionally we have outdoor swimming pools with hot thermal water. It is interesting that the water there is green, which is the natural coloring of the water from the depths.


Above the part of the pool is a floor where there are chairs and a place to rest. You can use pools on the ground floor or take a sunbath on the floor. The whole building is very warm, almost like a tropical island. Hence the name of the Tropical Paradise, which advertises pool slogan.

For children there is a lot of attractions, in addition to the water playground there is also a pirate ship with a chest of gold, pirates, rope bridge.


All waterpark is for recreation only. You will not find here a covered sports swimming pool with separate lanes.

Tickets preferably buy using the card GOPASS, where the price is much lower than at the box office, you can also collect points that can be used for other attractions in the area.

Admission Day for the whole family will cost 40 EUR. We succeeded in the points from the card to get a safe which normally costs EUR 4.

Our movie showing the entire day at the pool:

After the pool the rest of the day we spent in Liptovsky Mikulas, having dinner in a america styled restaurant Route66. This place is part pub, part restaurant. Cool place to dine for a reasonable price.