Trips With Kids

Møn’s Cliff

Møn is a small island in the south-eastern part of Denmark. Its main attraction is the 8-kilometer stretch of cliffs located on the eastern side of the island bordering the Baltic Sea. Cliff consists of chalk, it was formed 70 million years ago. In past there was done extraction of raw materials for building purposes – but today a whole is protected.


Cliff is proved, the highest point is 130 meters high.


We can explore the cliffs both at the top (where it is constructed view point) and at the bottom where the special wooden staircase leads down to the narrow beach. Steps are nearly a thousand. We started sightseeing at the top, descends easily, then you need to go back to the parking lot and it is necessary to climb the steps back to the top. The way down children loved,   worse with the second part upstairs.


Parking is available at the museum Geo Center and it costs 30 DKK. This is the only place where you can leave your car.


The last time I was here was 17 years ago. It’s fun just to refresh my childhood memories. Most importantly – nothing has changed 🙂

On our movie of the day take a look at 3:35 to watch how our visit looked like.