Trips With Kids

Knuthenborg Safaripark

We decided to go to safari. But, how can we do that while we are in Denmark? We found a way!

Knuthenborg Safaripark

We were in such a place for a very first time. Knuthenborg Safaripark is rated as the most beautiful safari park in Europe. It belongs to Countess Charlotte and Count Knuth. This park surprised us with large amount of wild animals that was running loose all around the park. People said there was over 1000 animals.

We are watching wild animals by driving our own car in the middle of their field. It is extremely strange to see wilderness so close to the car. Animals has good conditions here, as in natural environment.

We saw a herd of buffaloes, giraffes, bison, ostriches, zebras, antelopes, rhinos, donkeys, llamas, horses, camels. Each of these animals just a few meters from the car. The map contains animals feeding schedule. All we needed to do to watch animals feeding was to drive in this area at defined moment.

Knuthenborg safaripark is located on large area, about 400 hectares. Tickets costs DKK 616. At the gate we’ve got a map. Unfortunatelly it was only in danish. There was no pictures at all so we couldn’t guess what animals we can see in each area of the park. Some danish names wasn’t similar to english at all. On the other hand it was great opportunity to learn some new danish words.


Wild animals everywhere

Park is divided into thematic sectors. The animals are living in the same environment as in the wild. Animals could not run away from their sectors because of special ramps at the entries that were impassable for them. We could drive safely around because more dangerous animals (like the white wolves) were placed in a separate locked area. We could drive inside wolfs area through the lock. Car needed to be stopped inside the lock and when gate behind us was closed second gate in front of us could be opened. This way it was safe to keep dangerous animals inside separated area.

In hazardous areas we couldn’t go out of car or even open car’s windows. It was prohibited. In other areas we could walk between animals. Park recommendation was to keep distance of at least 2 meters from animal.

We needed to be attentive and careful. We knew that wild animals were accustomed to the  driving cars. However we didn’t want to have any attack on us. And we needed our car to get back home 🙂 We didn’t know if our insurance was including such accidents at all and we didn’t want to check that.


In addition to large sectors we found also a separate fenced area for little goats. In other area we found special enclosed space (as in zoo) dedicated to Siberian tigers. We could watch tigers through thick glass like in ZOO. In front of the tigers we found a ruler that allowed us to compare our growth with growth of tiger. It was amazing that even me with Kris who was sitting on my hand were smaller than tiger standing on two legs. Respect!

Feeding the apes

We drove to the area with apes. There we found some surprise. We could not only watch them but also feed them. There is a special vehicle with carriages, which move us within the sector with monkeys. The carriages had special holes to pour the food out. We needed to obtain some special food at the entrance. Everyone had some small portion in hand. Monkeys were taught that it was the feeding. It looked like that: jump on the moving vehicle, hold the carriages walls, take the food, bounce away, repeat. Monkeys were everywhere: on the trees, on the grass, they was jumping onto the roof, sliding on the wall of the vehicle. There were about 300 of them, so it was quite funny. The ride lasts a few minutes and it was free.

In the middle of the park we found the arboretum with beautiful trees and small cages for smaller animals. Walk through the arboretum like a walk through a botanical garden.


Uninvited guest

Just before leaving the park the girls stopped in the ponies area. Inadvertently I left the car doors ajar. One pony felt invited to check what we have inside our car. Propably it was looking for something to eat. There was a lot of laughing – we recorded that on our movie  – caught the moment at 4:17 to 8:04 minute. You can watch that below:

The price for ticket to the park is shocking. Definitely it was worth to have such an experience in life at least once. For children it was an amazing experience to see wild animals so close. It is impossible in any other zoo. Possibility to pet the small goats, donkeys, horses was simply priceless. In one word is was worth.