Trips With Kids

Taking ferry to Germany and route to Poland

The last day of our vacations so we return home. We had to drive almost 1000km. We decided to spice up a trip by visiting two more interesting places.

The first was a cliff of Møn, second – Knuthenborg Safaripark.


Our route from cliffs to the Safaripark was covered by rain. Fortunately, when we arrived at Knuthenborg some sun comes up. This park we are visiting by car, so the weather does not spoil our plans. The weather has changed and we decided to change our plans for the last accommodation as well. We gave up and decided to hit the tour to Poland by night. We chose this option instead of sleeping in the rain in wet tent.

After a day of sightseeing, we went on the ferry in Rødby where we sailed to Puttgarden. That was Scandlines Ferry, it lasted 45 minutes and cost 689 DKK. You would save some money if we had bought tickets online 14 days before our trip. We bought a ticket ad-hoc, just 10 minutes before departure.

Route from Denmark to Germany can be reached by ferry to Puttgarden (from Rødby) or to Rostock (from Gedser). Differences – primarily price. By choosing ferry from Rostock we could pay more for ferry and have longer cruise (about 2h) that will safe us about 100 km of road. However we decided to take shorter, cheaper cruise and hit 100 km extra driving what in comparison was more favorable.


We continued our route through Germany. Along the way we made a stop in the parking lot off the highway and cooked dinner. At Poznan we arrived at 5 AM. On tour we spent almost 23 hours.