Trips With Kids

Crossing the Bug river

After our visit to Grabarka Holy Mountain has finished we went to the south. In front of us was a river named Bug river. There is a bridge, and there is also some alternative road with small river ferry. Guess which way we’ve chose?


Of course, this one with ferry. Last time we had ability to use such way of crossing river was in Sieraków, where we crossed Warta river. This time, on Bug river, we could choose one of two ferries. First is going from Mielnik to Zabuże, second one is more to the east and is between Niemirów and Gnojno. The second one was out of service, so we used first.


In hot summer water level in the river was very low. Fortunately it was enough water to pull ferry with car.

Before attending to the ferry we found small sign with information about viewpoint located on tower nearby. We drove there to see everything from the top. View was beautiful. Even we was nearby river it was not visible from there due to trees.


Short break on view tower has ended and we drove further to Mielnik village. There we drove Mostowa street and finally arrived to the river shore. “Ulica Mostowa” in Polish means “Bridge Street”. It was funny because there was no bridge, only ferry.

We were lucky and without any awaiting were able to pass the river.

It was small surprise for kids. When we approached to the ferry I’ve asked how can we go to the other side of the river if there is no bridge. Kids were delighted that our car can swim like the ship.


It is important to know, that this ferry is free of charge. Ferry is possible between spring and autumn, operating between 8am – 12am, and 2.30pm – 6pm.

This ferry has no engine. It is running by human power. The operator is using a lever sliding along the steel line to transport it to the other side of the river.