Trips With Kids

The Illusion Farm Amusement Park

We changed a bit our trip direction to west. Yesterday we had longest day on the road with 200 km. We started at Dubicze Cerkiewne, where we slept on campsite near Bachmaty lake, then we hit Grabarka Holy Mountain and crossed Bug river using ferry.
We planned to sleep at camping in Łukowo. When we arrived we saw that this place is abandoned. To the next reasonable camping we had additional kilometers and finally we slept near Firlej lake.

In the morning next day we went to full day attraction – The Illusion Farm Amusement Park. It is located in Trojanów village nearby Dęblin city.


We bought family tickets with small discount for Big Family Card members. Lady in the ticket office was a little bit distracted, she didn’t know how to calculate total price of tickets. It was funny because we needed to show her a poster with ticket price to finalize transaction. It was funny.

We’re in. We have some map with area of the park. First we saw crooked house that we really enjoyed a lot. It is huge and literally is the biggest attraction of this park.


Inside crooked house is tilt designed. It makes even the gloomiest people laugh. The gravity that works in different way that we used to know stirs unusual reactions. Although it is prohibited to run inside our children simply couldn’t follow this rule.

After a while we moved on to other attractions. So we visited: wicker maze, pirate bay, trail trapper, rafts crossing, tunnel oblivion (much better than in New Holland in Elblag), a maze of mirrors and Ames Room, curled cottage, levitating balls and faucet.


Meantime, we were feeding goats with carrots. It was a lot of fun.

We came to a small zip-line and the stage, where at the appointed time was a magic show with pigeons. Immediately after the show there were some dancing activities for children. Girls loved that, Kris was enjoying game of chess with mom instead. Later we saw a giant furniture and had some chill time in a little picnic spot.


This amusement park is great. Some attractions were additionally paid and it was somehow weird. Almost all attractions had information that they are included in ticket price, and some of them was called extra paid. If we are buying tickets we do expect that all attractions are free inside the park. That’s how it is working in some other, bigger amusement parks like Legoland. Of course some attractions could be additionally paid it is should be discrete information (not huge marks everywhere).

There is so much interest that the children were pumped out of energy. We do not know when they would have time to benefit from any additional paid attractions. Those included in the ticket price are sufficient. Kids were so exhausted that Justin fall asleep just on time of leaving parking lot. Needless to say much more. Simply it is worth to go there with children.

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