Trips With Kids

Deblin Museum of Polish Air Force

We went to the Dęblin city to explore Deblin Museum of Polish Air Force. We arrived early in the morning after delicious breakfast. We were sleeping in the Marina in Puławy.

It was easy to find this museum because it is located next to the military airport. First surprise was that entry was free of charge because it was Tuesday. We didn’t know that on this day of week there is no fee.  However you should know not to go there on Monday – almost all museum are closed on that day, including this one.
Prices for other days of week are pretty low, family ticket costs PLN 20 and with Large Family card we can get even PLN 12 for us.


This museum is open air with some tents. Mostly we can see airplanes and helicopters that is hard to hide inside buildings. Some exhibitions of equipments used by Air Force are located in tents. We can saw some radars, missile launchers etc.

Each of the exhibits have a detailed description, including information about destiny, the performance, years of serving in the army and weapons. We were well informed about each aircraft as we were walking by.

Information about some of the parameters were shocking. Most of the flying unit was from the 60s and 70s, the majority of Soviet production. We couldn’t enter any of aircraft – only watching from the outside was possible. In the tents we could saw locating equipment, radars, simulators, rockets. By visiting this place we could learn a lot about aircrafts that are flying above us.

This museum is a great educational for children. Children can see visually the aircraft up close.


When we were exploring the museum above our heads was flying some helicopters and aircrafts. It was great.

There was some new part of museum that was under construction. It was some new hall so it looks like the museum will extend in the future.