Trips With Kids

Goats in Poznan

In Poznan at 12 am at the Old Market gathers a crowd of tourists who wants to enjoy the Poznań’s goats show. Precisely at 12:00 they come from above the clock on the town hall tower two metal figurine of goats and 12 times butt their horns.


The history of Poznan goats dates back to the sixteenth century when during the renovation of the town hall was ordered a new clock, which was equipped with a mechanism of goats. Installed it 1551 and operated until 1675 when lightning struck the tower and damaged the mechanism. Goats returned to live in 1913, passed some upgrades several times and currently used mechanism works for 23 years.

Where it comes from?

According to legend, when the Town Hall was rebuilded after the great fire of Poznan authorities decided to do big party. Cook was very busy, so he asked one of guards to look after one of the dishes. His name was Pietrek. Meat hell very slowly, and the young man was very curious about the tower clock. He left the food over the fire for a while, and when he returned, he saw that the meat fell into the fire and was charred. Terrified boy ran to the meadow where inhabitants animals were grazed. He kidnapped two goats and took them to the kitchen, but those goats ran away to the town hall tower. They jumped on the ledge at the clock and began to butt horns, which greatly amused all guests. The story ends with the fact that the young man blunder culinary and stealing goats was forgiven, a clockmaker in remembrance commissioned to prepare a mechanism of butting goats.

Interesting fact – Golden Oldies radio announced a competition for the names of goats and so were was named: Pyrek and Tyrek (from pyr – potatoes and tyranny – hard work).

If you strongly wants to pet a goat – especially kids, in Poznan there is such opportunity  on Kolegiacki Square (located next to the Old Market Square). There are located statues of goats – a symbol of Poznan.

Accumulated in front of City Hall a group of tourists also meant that gather around people who want something to earn on tourists. For example. One guy was dressed as a monk or a beggar. Just after goats show another guy starts to show Super Tom show – boy was showing off the tricks with the basketball.


After seeing the goats we went to Poznan stories “Blubry 6D” – a place that in an interesting way tells the stories about Poznan. Blubry word in Poznan’s dialect means: stories. Visiting them will move us at a time and beat with three-dimensional maze. During the tour we will know the legend of Poznan. Children got there glowing wristbands to be visible in darkness 🙂