Trips With Kids

2016 Ski holidays

It becomes a tradition – our winter trip for a week in the mountains to skis. Every year we have a new experiences.

The holidays in 2016 we went to the Gliczarow – a small town near Zakopane. It is a place loved by skiers amateurs, where we belongs.

We used the slopes:

Gliczarów Górny – Stosel
Tiny slope, quite ideal for learning to ski. It has a ski lift and a very nice service. There’s also a lot of skiing instructors that you can hire for ski lessons. Prices are low.

Gliczarów Górny – U Steni
Three slopes. Well, when we visited that place only two was working, but one of them is for small children only. There is no parking lot around, so leaving a car is quite hard task. When we used the slope there was also a 15-minute break in operation. Prices are average. Impression – negative.

Bukowina Tatrzańska – Rusin-ski
Full professional. That’s the reason this slope is called one of the best in area. Two super-high capacity ski lifts. Slope much larger than the previous two. However, it requires more skill driving. In our opinion, we were able to ride here at last day of our stay. Prices are high, but for the quality you have to pay.


New skills?
First of all Justine learnt to ski. It is well visible on the movie, where at the beginning you can see her ski lessons with an instructor, and finally rolls off at a rapid pace on Rusiń-ski slope.

New experience?
Instead of renting skis we decided to buy them. Second hand, because we don’t have high requirements. The difference is that instead of spending money as rental fee we can return home  with own skis.