Trips With Kids

Hot springs in the Langarica river canyon

On our way to the south of Albania from the city of Berat, we stopped in the canyon of the Langarica river.

Near the Bënjë village there are hot thermal springs that contain sulphites, sodium and calcium chloride, which makes bathing in them healthy. The water that flows from the springs has a temperature of about 30 degrees. It doesn’t make a difference in the summer, but it must be interesting when it’s cold.

Due to the date (holidays) we met a lot of people there who treated this place as a swimming pool. But apparently, out of that time, you can have this place exclusively, because no one comes here.

Next to the springs there is a historic bridge built in the Middle Ages, which allows you to cross the river on dry foot. When we were there, the water level was so low that you could safely walk over the stones.

It is worth noting that this part of Albania is completely different than the one that greeted us when entering from the north. In the north of the country, huge traffic on the roads and chaotic drivers, crowds by the sea and just everywhere, and here… peace, beautiful nature and time seems to pass more slowly.