Trips With Kids

Kazimierz Dolny

We visited beautiful city of Kazimierz Dolny. It is located south of the Pulawy.

Early afternoon we drive to the town center. There was no free parking lots. The only option to leave a car is to take paid parking located on private households. Well, the charm of the popular tourist city. We stopped at one of the parking lots and we went to visit this famous city.

We were surprised that the city is located on the hillside. On one side of the Vistula river on the slope Kazimierz Dolny and the ruins of the castle, on the other side, the ruins of the castle in Janowiec.

Our walk started from the old market square with a beautiful wooden well. It is popular place to take picture after wedding and photographers beloved places. Around the market square we could find a lot of historic buildings with trade in front of them. There were mostly some restaurants and gift shops. In one of the restaurants we stopped for lunch. Afterwards we went for a walk up to the hill named Three Crosses, where we were able to enjoy great view of the city and the river. Entrance to the top is covered with stones steep. It was a bit hard for small kids to climb there, but they made it. At the top we found quite an unpleasant surprise – the entrance fee. And here comes the question basically what we are paying for? Neither the stairs were in good condition nor handrails were fixed. Paying for access to nature is a little extreme. But ok, we jumped out of money and went to enjoy the views.


After short while at top of the Three Crosses hill we went to see the ruins of the castle and the defensive tower. Kids liked to run from the hill so much. When we reached the tower another surprise – unfortunately castle complex was already closed to the public. It’s strange, because it was 6 PM. All we could do was watching from outside.

Next we walked in the direction of the market square and then to the parking lot, pausing with kids on the playground for a while. During this time, I managed to buy the famous Kazimierz rooster.


The sun slowly began to set, so we drove to see the charming Root Tunnel. Further in the direction of the Vistula River we drove to the ferry to Janowiec. It was incredible shocking to drive on Krakowska Street lined with cobbles. Some of the stones had sharp edges so terribly shook the car while driving. Street with same quality of driving is hard to find anywhere.

Ferry to Janowiec is another popular destination for photographers. On the banks of the Vistula we saw next young couple. Crossing to the other side of the Vistula went smoothly, we drove to Janowiec. However we didn’t have enough time to explore the ruins of the castle. Maybe next time.