Trips With Kids

Root tunnel

Root tunnel (in polish “Korzeniowy Dół”) is a beautiful, scenic gorge. It is famous for and named after the protruding, intricately twisted roots of trees growing along the cliff’s edge. It is locate just few minutes away of the city and you can get one of guided tour to explore this place.

Upon going inside the Root Tunnel, one can feel like entering the realm of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. The rays of light shining through the roots and trunks, blurring with loess ground and green vegetation make quite a remarkable impression.


Kids liked it very much. There was a path that allows us to walk through the gorge. Kids were able to touch roots and were trying to climb. Beautiful nature!

Gorge is about 700 meters long. The steep walls of the gorge covered with roots give the impression as if the trees were about to fall over us. The path is reasonably safe, all the way we found only one fallen tree. Protruding roots is the result of water erosion. This is a great place for photographers, artists, painters and filmmakers. Unusual nature show is why the Root Tunnel is amongst the favourite themes of artists painting the landscapes of Kazimierz Dolny.

It is worth to mention that there is no parking in front of this gorge. The road at the point where begins the gorge is narrow and there is no waiting allowed.

We are highly recommend this place to everyone who will visit Kazimierz Dolny.