Trips With Kids

Kolejkowo Wrocław

We visited another place in Poland where we could see the world in miniature. The last time we were in a “Mikroskala” in Konin, and now we went to Wroclaw to explore “Kolejkowo”. It advertises itself as the largest model railway in Poland.


Kolejkowo is located in the building of the old train station – Świebodzki Railway Station. There is  created a huge scale model presenting a various places of the Lower Silesia area.

The place is teeming with life, there are cable rides, sounds, and every in few minutes dims the light in the room and we have a night in miniature world. At night, lights are lit in mock-ups, inside buildings and on the streets lanterns are ignited.

Mock-ups aren’t protected by glass, which doesn’t mean that you are allowed to touch it. In the area walking there are caregivers, who in addition to supervision of mock activates the children by giving them tasks to accomplish. And so, for example, we were given the task to find little kittens. Among the thousands of figurines finding small kittens it wasn’t an easy task. But we did it, and kids received a sticker with the Kolejkowo logo as a reward. Kids liked this award and soon asked for another thing to search (to get more stickers).


There is a lot of scenes. We saw life in the countryside, mountain hut, train station, ski slope, circus, work on the forest, constructions. Mock-ups are located on two floors. The middle ground is the biggest scale model, which you can walk around. Smaller pieces of model are also located on the outskirts of the room. On the first floor we could find fragments of the Wroclaw city, including Wroclaw tenements market and Bogusławski street. There was even miniature of Świebodzki railstation that shows casting to the TV program “I’ve got Talent”.


For glued models and mock-ups lovers it is a true paradise. We found here 15 trains with 60 wagons, 430 meters of track, 108 cars (some of them drives), bridges, tunnels, water reservoirs, more than 2300 figures of people and animals. Everything reflects the real world in a variety of situations. We can find even a miniature copy of the shelters or meteorological observatory on Śnieżka mountain.


Prices – we regret that there are no special offers for families (no discounts for large families). It is however free entry for children under 3 years. Adult price is PLN 19, and for child PLN 15. Parking lot is free.

Is it worth it? Yes, it is. It is certainly a place that we will remember for long. The creation of this space requires a huge amount of work. And the effect is stunning. Visiting time – you can watch exhibition for all day, but we had enough after two hours.

Taka a look how we visited Kolejkowo: