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Sky Tower – the tallest building in Poland

50 floors, 212 meters high, 1,142 steps, 30 000 tons of steel, 144 000 m3 of concrete and glass 40 000 sq.m, 2700 km of cables – it is hard to imagine. That are the numbers that represents the tallest building in Poland, Sky Tower, located in Wroclaw.

Sky Tower

On the 49th floor is a publicly accessible viewpoint – we could not take advantage …

The entrance to the top is possible every half hour. Detailed times are available on the website and at the ticket office. Oh, ticket office – an interesting fact, because as far as the entrance to the corridor leading to the elevator is located outside of the building (from Gwiaździsta Street), the ticket office is inside shopping mall, on first floor. So to become the lucky owner of a ticket, you have to go to the mall, go through the gallery and then come back at the appointed time with the ticket at the door on the outside of the building. Visitors convenience, above all.

Another “convenience” is the fact that you need to wait long for free slot to go up. At the ticket office there is displayed number of guests for every hour, however on website we can’t view this information before arrival. Also, there is no option to book ticket online. Online booking is available only for organized group of at least 20 people. As a result, you need to select first free slot available when you are buying tickets. We wanted to go together, so we needed to wait 1 hour to the slot with 5 free positions.

Fortunately, then was a lunch time and we took advantage of the restaurant located in a shopping mall. While we waited children was enjoying Kinect games, which were placed on one of the walls near the playground.

Sky Tower

At the appointed hour we were waiting to enter the top. Standing under the building and looking up you could see its huge. We drove top using a high-speed elevator. In a moment we were on 49th floor and our eyes saw an amazing view. Worth any price.

Sky Tower

The outer wall on the observation deck are glass down to the floor. So it does not restrict the view of the city. We were lucky to go there on great weather – it’s important not to enter the top in foggy day. From the top we saw fantastic panorama view of Wroclaw city. Seeing this, Justin boldly said, “I like it” and ran towards one of the windows without any fear in her eyes.

As a joke said, an observation deck on Sky Tower is the only place in town where you can see the panorama of the Wrocław without Sky Tower.

There is no equally high building nearby, so impressions are completely different than on the panoramic terrace of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, where the surrounding buildings interferes the view.

Sky Tower

In good weather conditions you can see Sleza Mountain (we remembered trip with children at the top of it), and also Wroclaw Stadium, the old town. People looked from the top as if they were ants. The impression is similar to that in visited before the hour in Kolejkowo, the only difference is that here small parts are real. Beautiful view compensated an initial bad impression we had about circumstances of purchasing tickets.

Sky Tower

Due to technical reasons you cannot walk around building on the observation deck, but almost the entire pie is attainable. Without any problems, we can look in any direction.

Price – more expensive on weekends, during the week cheaper. We paid on Saturday a normal ticket PLN 15 and PLN 8 per child.