Trips With Kids

Afrykarium Wrocław

We saw Afrykarium in construction when we visited Wroclaw ZOO last time. It was in September of 2014. Since then we wanted to come back here. And here we are, two years later …

The new building of Afrykarium-Aquarium is located inside the Wroclaw Zoo. It is not possible to buy tickets only to that object (as you could do in Berlin ZOO where tickets for aquarium and zoo are separated). We bought family ticket and went into the ZOO area.


The building is located near main entrance, where are ticket offices. Inside the building was prepared same natural environments as in Africa. In total, the complex has 19 pools, including tanks, coral reefs of the Red Sea, the depths of the Mozambique Channel pool (shark was swimming there), hippos (River Nile), manatees, crocodiles and penguins.

Tour through Afrykarium takes place by designated trail that initially passes through part of the Oceanarium. Beautiful aquariums welcome us with fish and coral reef. Then we move among the Nile hippos and overcome the jungle. Unfortunately, we do not get any maps or ZOO maps, or the Afrykarium plan. So we are walking without information how much is ahead of us.

In the aquarium, we are impressed by the size of swimming pools. Justin even wanted to swim with the fish (if it was possible).

A moment later our eyes appeared a large swimming pool, seemingly empty, in which it was not known what the animal is located. Suddenly hippopotamus swam to us . Ability to see this  floating large body of hippopotamus that is swimming in the water is priceless view. This heavy beast is moving through the water as an butterfly. Did you know that the Greek hipoppotamos are called river horse? First, we saw hippos in the water, and moment later outside of the pool. They came out of the water, because the tutor called them for feeding.

Moments later, we are in a long tunnel located 18 meters underwater. We are in the Mozambique Channel. Above us swam sharks, turtles and stingrays. Thick glass separates us from these dangerous animals and we can enjoy them at arm’s length.

Next steps directed us to the jungle of the Congo, the entrance to which is through a special gate/door – this is due to the temperature and humidity inside is higher. Crocodile greets us there, it was strange because he hung up on a rock with his head at the window. Everyone wanted to take a photo with him and see if he is real.


Penguins during our visit were on the outer runway. To see them we have to go around the building. The children could not wait to see them. Moments later, they were already named by names from fairy tale “Penguins of Madagascar”.


We went out and celebrated rest of Zoo alleys. Along the way, we found a statue of  Hipoczyściciel dwarf, who stood at the old hippos building.


We went to the hotel for regeneration, later for dinner. In the evening, we wanted to see  Multimedia Fountain show.