Trips With Kids

Viewpoint at Wrocław Cathedral

It is rare to have a possibility to enter the church tower and enjoy the view from the top. This was possible at St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Wroclaw. It is true that we’ve already seen the view of city from Wroclaw Sky Tower, but it is not the same.

We get to the Cathedral while after Mass. Remark, sightseeing of tower is available during worship. The entrance to the observation tower is located in the aisle of the church. We go up through the spiral staircase. More or less at the height of the roof of the first floor there is a room where you can buy tickets.

Then we follow the advice of service to the next room, which has an elevator. We rode to the top, and it is hard to determine whether the entry was fast or not and how many stories we passed, because height of the church tower is difficult to compare with block of flats. In any case, the elevator was one of the older models and the height was quite significant.

We are at the top, one more floor stairs and we can finally go outside on the observation deck. The wind is blowing very hard. Nice view, especially on neighboring tower. This allows us to realize the height of this construction. Less spectacular than the view from the Sky Tower, but it’s worth it to be there.


The price for entry by elevator is symbolic – PLN 5 per adult, PLN 4 per child. That’s the only option to get to the tower. Visiting the tower is possible from May to October, between 10AM and 4PM (Mon-Sat), on Sundays in 2PM – 4 PM.