Trips With Kids

POLINKA cablecar

Quite unusual (as for a city) attraction is the ride across the river by cablecar. This type of transportation  is more popular in mountain areas. Wroclaw University of Technology decided to connect two areas of university in this way (Geocentrum and the main buildings of the campus).

The cable car runs at a height of 7 meters above the river, the line has a length of 500m. There run two wagons, facing each other, and each of them can fit 15 people at once. The cable car ride takes 2.5 minutes.

Transfer is paid by transport tickets that can be purchased from the vending machine next to the station. Tickets for adults cost PLN 3, and the children pay half of that. Students and PhD of Wroclaw University of Technology enjoy the rides for free. Cable car is operating in hours: 7AM – 9PM (on weekends at 11AM – 6PM).