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Legoland Billund

Legoland Billund in Denmark. The perfect place for family fun. We wanted to visit it for a long time. And finally we made our dream come true.

Visit to Legoland was one of our must-see points of our summer road trip to Denmark.

Legoland BillundTickets

Tickets to Legoland are quite expensive, especially when Polish wages. However, there are  some opportunities to take discounts. And here we have two types of discounts available:

  • The first is – buy tickets in advance via internet. The earlier you make reservations for the lower price you’ll get. At the entry show self printed ticket and skip the queue.

  • The second is to use the coupon. In German’s supermarkets you can regularly find printed coupons. Where did we get them if we live in Poland? For a few zlotys we can buy them at the Allegro marketplace.

We took advantage of the offer “child free with an adult”. It works on the principle that for every adult who buys a normal, fully paid ticket one child enters free. Kids under 3 have free admission. In our case, as a family of 5 with small kids we needed two coupons.

However the inconvenience of this solution was, that we needed to buy tickets at the box office. When we arrived we saw something that we didn’t expect. Huge queue. It took an hour to get our tickets. If we knew that before arriving we could plan something different way to avoid standing in the queue.

High season

It is widely known that visiting amusement parks in high season is very popular. Lot of people want to have fun there. We were on our holidays so we had no other option to get there in other time. Billund resort was crowded and we should be prepared for that. We expected that it will be full of people. To avoid weekend crowds we planned to make our visit on Monday. However even in the Monday there still was a lot of visitors. It was especially noticeable in the most interesting attractions.

Queues are an indispensable part of the park. An interesting solution was that on entrance of each attraction estimated access time was shown. It is calculated by park’s service by counting people in the queue and its throughput. Estimations was ranged from few minutes up to 45 minutes. We didn’t set in the longest queues.

Here it is worth to write a bit about the culture of the people standing in line. It was very high. We did not see any attempts of pushing inside the queue or any combination of how to bypass the line. Everyone waited in a separate area with a smile on a face. No one had a problem with the fact that disabled people are passed out of sequence. There was even the situations when park service needed to stop whole attraction to help someone to access. This is something that we have met nowhere in Poland.

lego2Legoland’s attractions

The amount of attractions in the park is huge. There are open-air and in-buildings. Some attractions are view only. An example is miniature park and thematic exhibitions. We can walk around and watch but we can’t touch them.

Some other attractions are more interactive. We can have fun there. An example is boat ride or track with carriages.

Some attraction are age restricted. Those attractions are intended for older children where kids need to have minimal height. Growth control is done by comparing kid to Lego bricks. Smart way!

Part of attractions is accessible only during the summer. Pools for example.

In buildings we can find mostly exhibitions. In the time of our visit there was Underwater world of Lego.


In the park there are numerous restaurants and buffets. Prices are adequate to the fact that this is the only place to eat a meal in the park. So let’s prepare beforehand and bring a prepared lunch. As we observed visitors we saw that this is a common tactic, even for the Danes. We can find a lot of benches and some places with tables where you can sit and eat your own food.

lego3What we saw?

  • Miniature park with few cities built of Lego blocks. All exhibits were created with tens of thousands of small Lego bricks. Miniature Park is electrified, including some elements like  windmills, self driving cars, boats, trains, drawbridges, cranes. Kids had a chance to activate some parts by pushing control buttons. Miniature Park show us a world around us in minimized version. Everything is created with Lego bricks. The only thing that is alive is vegetation – we can see miniature trees and shrubs. The whole area is maintained in perfect purity and efficiency. It was a pleasure to admire.

  • Kids trains – of all kinds. Starting with the land of Duplo, through the train touring around the park, ending with the water trains.
  • Water attractions. Few awesome water attractions like boat tour on a designated track.  During the tour we were surrounded by world made of Lego.
  • Lookout tower – a round elevator rising over the entire park. You can see all the attractions within the park from there.
  • Lego underwater world. In-building exhibition with aquariums, fish (including shark), and everything made of Lego (submarines, divers). You can also pick up a real crab. Our girls had such opportunity.
  • lanes, roundabouts – fast, slow, terrible. Everything you need to gain a dose of adrenaline

  • castle of ghosts, made the whole atmosphere of fear

  • roller coasters – fast, slow, and some also wet

All around – everything of course was built with Lego blocks.

Overall rating

Definitely worth it. Although this is an expensive attraction – for children it is an unforgettable experience.

Have a look at our movie from a visit to Legoland Billund: